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April 2019

Lemme do a quick post while I wait for my turn at the bank. It's been almost an hour leh FML. I've got so much work to do but I really wanna settle this so I've got a peace of mind πŸ˜‚ Not like it's really crucial or anything - maybe I just wanna procrastinate.

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Longest queue I've ever seen in Brunei

I love how the newest EP set her most recent posts to private πŸ˜‚

The Love Bonito sale ends today and I'm rly itching to get new clothes!! I think I haven't shopped for clothes online since Nov 2017 omfg. Unsubscribing from mailers rly helped me a whole lot COZ CONTEXT: I used to buy clothes online EVERY MONTH. Granted I do return a lot of them, but there was still quite a lot of damage done!!

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Last night's noms #dayrefatties The hokkien mee is my favourite kind - the wet kind with lots of wok hei. The chilli really PACKED A PUNCH too. It was really spicy (hey I'm someone who eats η‰ΉθΎ£ for mala and thinks it's fine) and had really strong sour notes - which made it infinitesimally SHIOK!! The charkwayteow was a little too wet but the flavour was BOMBZ. The oyster omelette - well let's just say it'll be the reason why I keep coming back to this place.

March 2019

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This morning's shenanigans at f45

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