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July 2019

May 2019

Hi it me. I'm at a crossroad of sorts with decisions to make like the grown up I am going to be come this July when I finally finish my tertiary education and officially contributes to the percentage of unemployment rate in Malaysia. (Actual Econ students will know that I'm not actually adding to the unemployment rate cox I'm still actively searching for a job and let's not get too technical about it wtf)

March 2019

February 2019

Ive taken to drinking o kao wtf the Guinness stout wtf Cox my life is bitter like that. (Say taken to but actually it's only twice wtf)Idk what to do with all these free time I have?????????? Help?

Private Post

Me when I receive a text: who dis? Don't text me pls pls pls end the conversation now.Also me when I don't receive any texts: I should just get two dozens of cats, be a cat lady and die alone wtf.

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