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October 2017 is the shadiest article I have seen in a while looool. Was very amused.

Okay guys.I need.To rave.About Rihanna's new Fenty Galaxy Collection omg!!!Ok thus far only the eyeliner has caught my interest but the reason why is because1. It's metallic and looks black but not black at the same time.2. WHEN YOU RUB IT IT BECOMES GLITTERY AND THE MORE YOU RUB THE MORE GLITTER THERE IS AND OMG IT IS SO PRETTY.Seriously. GO TRY THE TESTER. IT IS AMAZING. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC.

It has been a week of realisations on many levels regarding how to deal with people, and I'd like to note down a very simple lesson that, while simple, is something I forget about most of the time.And this lesson is:

Question: is it wrong to stand up to your boss knowing that he is wrong?For example, when it is the end of the day, your boss suddenly gives you a huge load of work to do, work which isn't urgent. Yet. He wants it done by that day itself. So essentially he's forcing you to OT unnecessarily.In such a case, is it wrong to go against your boss?

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10 actions for happiness

Being more of an action than a talk only person (like I get so frustrated when nothing but talking is being done about something lol) I came across this list called 10 keys to happier living/ 10 actions you can do to create happiness and I really like it.It's in a poster form and I tried to post it as a whole but the wording then becomes too small + you can't zoom in. So I'mma post them one by one.Good to KIV.

  • post thumbnail makes you a great employee (or really, just a likeable person in the workplace).I think that's a very useful guide to KIV. Especially for the things that I note about myself needing more improvement, the article shows how/in what way I can improve those short comings.

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