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August 2017

This morning started out stupidly enough. Had an argument with the boyfriend over the dumbest thing ever: time travel.What even. Not even just a cordial discussion. Well it started as such, but it escalated into an argument where we ended by childishly snapping at each other, with him telling me "fine you can go win the Nobel prize for physics" and me replying "ok thanks I will".🙄I'm both amused and peeved at the same time.

Isn't it sad that the only way I can seek solace in nature is through viewing majestic sceneries posted on Instagram?Having a tidy, orderly, controlled Garden City with trees spaced in exact intervals from each other- how is that true nature? Where is the freedom to run wild, grow beyond any limitations? Where is the clear horizon beyond the sea, free from obstacles of ships and waterlines?

Anne Frank

I know it's long overdue but I finally got round to reading Anne Frank's diary. Now that I've finished it, I feel this immense sense of loss. Like I really lost a friend.She writes in letters to her diary as tho it is a living being. So reading it, you get the sense that you are in another dimension, and that you are her diary and she is talking to you about all these things.

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I vented a lot today. I have no more yaruki to care anymore.

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This came up on my FB feed.This book was written in 1995.It's scary that what the author wrote then is actually happening now."A kind of celebration of ignorance".

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/facepalm.Can't believe this is real.

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