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July 2018

the day i left home, unplanned

This weekend, I experienced on an almost disbelieving level how much kinder strangers/non blood relations can be to me than my own family.Yesterday was the day I 离家出走ed, unplanned. Tldr, family issues/selfishness arising again and I was like. Nope. I can't take it alr. This doesn't feel like home anymore. Can't relax in my own space. Can't borrow other people's space in the house to relax in. So what's the point in staying? Sheer disappointment at the family simply pushed me over the edge.

June 2018

should i move out?

Recently I've been having thoughts about moving out.I've always wanted to move out, having had the privilege to live in my own space overseas during uni. I miss it everyday after coming back to sg under the roof of the parents.But increasingly, the will to actually get down to it is strengthening.I share a room with a sister I don't get along with due to personality differences, and I've decided I'd rather just not communicate than end up fighting alr.

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Michelle Phan posted this today. And it really resonated deeply with me.

May 2018

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Not my beef but I'm definitely amused by the drama going on. I'm more concerned with the issue of friendship here. Constantly "I'm not specifically attacking her, there's 4 that I have in mind one of which is her" is like ?!?! You're still talking about her too? If u considered them friends won't u try talking to them first to find out more before u suddenly do an exposé? As a complete stranger doing a Google search on the business, no where did I see it was a non-profit specifically.

Hello hello, haven't posted in a while, but I'm still alive. Just very busy with the new job, and too tired to do more than lurk on the internet.But I think I'm finally getting used to the pace here. It's a steep learning curve, but the people I'm working with, I couldn't be more grateful for.Even after more than a month here I still find it hard to believe I have such a great team. And such fantastic bosses.

April 2018

healthy distrust

Quite a rollercoaster of events this week eh, in terms of public happenings. The whole Tristan and Khloe issue earlier (and now the local everyone-knows-about-it incident) really struck me that no matter how much you trust your significant other, never give him 100% of your trust. Always have a healthy distrust of him cuz ultimately it's your own responsibility to protect yourself, no matter what vows of everlasting commitment were said.

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