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December 2017

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  • post thumbnail is it that the 2nd most reaction on this article about a lady being disrespected and objectified = the Haha face??Omg this whole "boys will be boys" mentality in Singapore needs to die. So disgusted with the commenters.

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Met the cutest doggie face I've ever seen yesterday!I'm more of a big dog kinda person but damn is this tiny thing pulling at my heartstrings. Possibly the only small dog I've fallen in love with yet!'m reading the special letter that Warren Buffett wrote in 2014 that's on the Berkshire Hathaway website.Speaking of that website, for such a juggernaut, the web design is pre 2000s af lol. Certainly echoes Mr. Buffett's frugal style.But anyway. That website has a lot of letters written by the man himself, and I'd thought reading those first would be more insightful (and faster) than reading the vast literature on him.

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gay rights

Australia just legalised same sex marriage!! Congrats Australia!What's disappointing tho, is the comments section on the straits times article about it. So much homophobia, with very subpar arguments.Tbh what differentiates between right and wrong imo is 1) if there is consent.2) if they are harming others.I'm sure most religions adhere to these basic principles, so why is there still so much backlash 🤔 follow this dude on FB because he really fights for those that can't protect themselves in sg i.e. domestic helpers and foreign workers. He gets them their rightful pay and treatment against errant employers, which might otherwise have gone unnoticed cuz these people have lesser rights in Sg than the average SG citizen.

good and bad apples

Amidst the revelations regarding Ms Passive Aggressive this week, and with it several unpleasant feelings bubbling beneath the surface, I mustn't forget the good things that colleagues from other teams have done for me either. It is very easy to paint the whole company with the same paintbrush because of 1 bad apple (or a few). But I have to remember and be grateful that there are still some normal, sane, rational people nevertheless in this place.

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