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March 2018

Wow so in the bid to turn Singapore into a cashless nation, MRT has now completely phased out being able to top up ez link cards with cash o.O you can still top up in that small general ticketing station thingy but I don't think every station has that / you'd have to go to the control tower now I guess if you wanna use cash.Woww. Benevolent dictatorship or what eh.

hoarding|how i budget

Sold off some books for the first time today and my heart just broke 💔 sigh. I am such a hoarder. But the lady that bought them off me seems nice, hopefully the books will go to kids that will open them more frequently than I have in the last 10 years.My productivity is gradually declining lol. Had a splitting headache for the entire day yesterday and got a slight fever. Is my body telling me to stop torturing it with HIITs? Idk. I think 5 days of 10-30min of HIITs per week is fine.

recommendations for book donations in SG?

Been sorting through my books and trying to remove myself from my hoarder feels, and for the first round i.e. my childhood books, I have sieved out 44 Enid Blyton books to sell (at $2 each if anyone wants lol)/donate.Well I'll probably donate cuz it's quite unlikely anyone wants to buy books these days right.So I've been looking online to find suitable, meaningful places to donate to.

Been 9 days of rest and I feel a lot better about myself! You know when you're tired you just let yourself go in terms of body and physical health? Well no more of that! Been doing HIIT workouts during the weekdays and I feel a lot better.Nothing much to update, just been filling up my days with reading, exercising, healthy eating. I discovered the yummy-ness of roasted broccoli. Blew my mind. Just drizzle olive oil and salt and stick it into the oven, and you get crispy (!!) broccoli!


It's the end of the day and wow, what a day it has been.Continuing from yesterday, I thought we were gonna proceed with the no pay leave arrangement, but this morning the manager just told me that he asked for HR to change my last day to yesterday cuz there wasn't any point really to keep to the 2 month notice if I'm already not gonna come for the whole remaining 1 month.So yeah.Starting today, I'm officially a real, free bird!Until my next job ahaha.But a month long freedom.

February 2018

i finally stood up for myself today

I just did the most crazy thing.Got triggered again, and I think I just lost it.My gut was telling me it's now or never.No more tolerating of paggro behavior. Why am I even doing that when I've already quit and secured the next?So in response to the email that triggered me, I drafted a really paggro email back, calling out all the bitch's unfair behavior etc. And CCed my GM and manager. And sent.

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