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Hello from Bangkok!!!
It's actually my 3rd day here already 😁

Day 1 was spent at Chatuchak Weekend Market!
(I'm trying to update while walking now hahah so will lag quite a bit)

MIA-ed cause I was busy eating 😁

We bought this only because we saw many people eating it. hahahah not thai food yo

this is squid eggs and i actually like it leh!!!

This is just some pork meat with soup and a lot of beansprouts. but the soup was shiok!

Me: 'lets faster take a photo, post in and then focus on shopping and eating okay.'
#firstworldproblem :/

Fisheye lens really made it so much nicer for a wefie like this!

The view from our apartment for the first night 😍

& my dearest travel companion dropped down from 23rd storey because of this shot πŸ™Š Managed to retrieve it back in the end!

Eunice's new handphone cover!

Day 2

Checked in to W Hotel (thank you for hosting us!).

The theme here is 'Thai Boxing' πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Tuk-tuk lights.

Took the long-tail boat for a river cruise along Chao Praya River. Bargained for 900 Baht for 3 pax (original price 1300 Baht)

had a peek at the locals' lifestyle

headed to silom soi 20 in hope of searching some authentic thai food. to be fair, the food was okay, but we found out today that the food was counted as slightly expensive. the bill amounted to the same price as what we had at som tam nua today. guess it's because of the location (silom and sathorn = more atas place, in a way. am i right?!) and because this street is kinda 'touristy'.

This amounted to 835 baht (appx S$34). Still cheaper than Singapore la! hahahah.

went for some desserts which aint worth sharing about so i shall skip those.
headed to 7-11 for the Nth time to grab snacks and went back to our cosy hotel to chill.

Day 3

Woke up at 7am to hit the gym!! Steady hor?! Hahahah had to burn off some calories to feel less guilty from all the indulgence πŸ˜‚

Photo grabbed from snapchat.

I woke up like that. Not. hahaha had concealer, eyebrows and lipstick drawn. #Honest

Breakfast at Kitchen Table @ W Hotel.

I cannot resist pastries!!

I can finish this whole plate on my own. no joke! Im a fruits monster

Actually we didnt eat alot. On normal days, I could eat much more for buffets. But after gym I don't usually have appetite to eat much!

Went back to hotel to nua, snapchat and took lotsa selfies/wefies because the natural light was too good to resist!

Striped x2.

Had Som Tam Nua for lunch/dinner. The soup was not really satisfying, but the fried chicken & beef salad were awesome!

Did a proper makeup and went to the pool for a shoot!

Hopped on to After You for dessert. We had both Shibuya Honey Toast and Nutella Toast. The former is still da bombz 😍

Cookie monster was not really to my liking but Eunice loved it because she loves whipped cream. So if you are a cream lover, you'll prolly enjoy it too!

Toast-ception. πŸ˜…

we were actually super full by then but I still proceeded to buy my grilled squid 😁

By the time we finished our meals, it was already 7++pm (we left our hotel at 3++pm, almost 4.) and the shops at platinum fashion mall were mainly closed. hahahah. so we just walked ard the night markets.

We didn't do much this trip; didnt even shoot much because we truly wanted to relax. So we left the DSLR in the hotel room on all the days instead of lugging it around. & we also nua-ed alot actually. heheheh. A true holiday should be like that. 😌

Day 4

I'm lagging so much in my postings! (Reached home at 1+am and K.O-ed last night after an hour of diarhhea in the toilet. Hahahahah TMI. See la, greedy la. eat eat eat.)
Okay back to finish up this post while on my way to second last day of filming for η΅•ιšŠδΏιšͺ。

Day 4 began with..

Sabx2 wanton mee!

Day 4 was just filled with.. last min shopping!

Nutella Banana Crepes from the shop beside the road between the two platinum fashion malls.

Shopped at Pratunam Market and Platinum Fashion Mall for the whole day, before heading to the airport at 6pm.

Bunned up my hair and Eunice said she thinks i look better with my hair tied up/bun-up and I look younger. Hahahah. ISIT?!? #MustDoThatMoreOften

I still don't intend to keep my hair long at the moment leh. Lovin' every moment of the shorted hair since chopping it off 1.5yrs ago. Except on real humid days la, cause the length δΈδΈ‰δΈε››οΌŒεΎˆη†±οΌοΌ

Beautiful sky view that welcomed us at Sukhumvit Airport. 😍😌

Alrighty, I think that's all for my BKK trip this time. We had some random street food along the way too la but never take photos.

Back in Singapore, and already yearning for my next trip.

Back in Singapore and already yearning for another trip asap.

A solo trip hopefully! Where is good/safe for solo trips, besides Taiwan?!

Day 125

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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melvinlau (avatar)

melvinlau Wah the soup last warning ah. Shiok only leh

4 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @melvinlau i didnt manage to have really good tomyum leh...... gna wait til @melissackoh brings us there 😌

4 years ago

melvinlau (avatar)

melvinlau Lol. Mel the model, tour guide and the big eater. Ok set!

4 years ago

yufangx (avatar)

yufangx Hi Shine! You can try Hong Kong. It's really easy to navigate around and the MTR's really convenient!

4 years ago

fionastasiatan (avatar)

fionastasiatan Try korea!

4 years ago

Pforprettyzpamz (avatar)

Pforprettyzpamz yeah you look pretty with your bun!!!!!

4 years ago

phiawen (avatar)

phiawen London!

4 years ago

shyinnie (avatar)

shyinnie Japan :)

4 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @yufangx ive been to hk before on my own to cover an event! it was soooo crowded and messy with. maybe it was school holiday period or sth. but yes i wna give it a try again!

4 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @fionastasiatan yes! korea seems safe for solo trip! but.. ticket is not cheap πŸ™Š

4 years ago

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