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Natural-looking brows embroidery

Hello Dayre!

I'm on my way to get my brow embroidered and I thought I could share my experience here!

It has some time since I last did any embroidery. The last time I did it was back in 2014 I think?!

Decided to get them done again! I've had a few companies who approached me before but I didnt give it a try with any of them because from the photos that I've seen, none of them seemed impressive.. i prefer the really natural kind and it's not that easy to find one that can produce that kind of result

Think I replied to 2 or 3 companies that I would charge a fee for advertorial and they mentioned that they are unable to pay, so I decided to not try it because I didn't want to risk getting my brows done not-too-nicely.

If it is paid, I would still be very honest in my review (just like how if i go for food tastings and the food is not to my liking, you can actually tell from my caption. i wont make it seem like the food is delicious even tho i didnt enjoy it just because im invited for the food tasting!). But hmm if it is paid and the brows really turned out to be not what I want, I could probably use the money to get my brows salvaged at another place πŸ˜‚ #IAmJustBeingHonest

Heh! So.. this one that I'm heading to, I've been looking at their IG for some time and i was really impressed with their works πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

so now im heading over there to get my brows done by them! i'll share more later!

ANYWAY, blur sotong forgot to bring my portable charger out. left with 19% now...... i hope the shops allows me to charge my phone later!!!! hahahah

this morning before drawing the brows. as you can seeeeeee or rather you cant really see my brows πŸ˜‚

numbing cream on!

im just done with my brows and i love them!!!!

natural strokes just the way i wanted it.

show you my real brows first πŸ™Š


and this is the end-result!!

does it even look embroided?!?

The natural strokes!!

before and after

before and after

So far, I've not seen any others who can achieve this kind of natural strokes, that almost look like real brows.

You can find them on Instagram: browart_studio

i was told that i will need to do a touch up around one month later, after that the results should last about one year or so. i'll see how it goes and keep y'all updated!

just got home, and realized it seems a lil' red now. but i guess that is normal.

have re-applied the essential oil given to me. 😌

took this video while in a terrible grabshare car just now πŸ˜‚

my brow this morning. still seemed a lil' red, but no pain or itch or anything. ☺️

my brows seem a lil' darker today prolly due to the slight redness. but i believe it will look more natural after a few days πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

11/2/2017 (day 3)

Brows looking good! 😍

i was advised to avoid contact with water on my brows for around 4 days, which i did my best to by not allowing water to touch the brows.

but.. i'll admit. i went for netball training yesterday. which means.. i sweated. πŸ™Š i was advised not to la but i didnt want to skip training. 😬😬

12/2/2017 (day 4)

im so happy because.. i can finally wash my face and hair properly aftrr tonight!!!!!! hahahhah

i assume it is now safe for the brows to be in contact with water?

anyway it's worth it la, tahan abit for the slight inconvenience for first few days, and then save SO MUCH time when doing makeup. because im not too good at drawing brows, so i always spend quite a bit of time on balancing the brows πŸ˜‚ but now, my makeup routine is made easier 😍

no more redness for sure! my brows do feel a tiny bit of itchiness sometimes. but very bearable. like i can try to ignore it and the itch will be gone soon.

(bad lighting. will take another photo tomorrow!)

Back with another update on my brows!

13/02/2017 (Day 5)

My brows have started peeling and to be frank, i hate this stage πŸ˜‚

The slight itch aside, due to peeling, my brows appeared slightly uneven due to some flaking skin.

Day 6 & 7:

Didnt snap any photos cause I was rushing out of house on both days and forgot about snapping photos. On day 6, i actually used eyebrow pencil to shade some small parts of my brows since the colour appeared uneven due to the peeling (and i didnt want to peel of the flaky parts)

So on the night when i washed my face, most of the flaky skin came off πŸ™Š

Note: This is not advisable! It is best to leave the brows untouched and let the skin fall naturally. but I had work so i had no choice but to touch up a lil' on the uneven parts. so i had to gently wash my brows after that which also meant gently rubbing the flaking skins off πŸ™Š

this was on vday (day 6) when it was still a lil' dark cause it was still peeling.

16/2/2017 (Day 8)


Very happy with how natural they look!

will definitely need a touch up though, because like what i was told by Lawrence from BrowArt, some parts would fade so will definitely need a first touch-up. After that, the brows should last for about one year or so ☺️

so now, all i need to do is to fill up some small parts lightly and im good to go!

i can save so much time now. Would require less than 1min to touch up my brows lightly, when i used to take about 10mins or so (on bad days πŸ˜‚ good days maybe 5mins la. but i had more bad brows days than good brows days cause im really not good at drawing brows)

most importantly, this is definitely more ideal than me having to draw my entire brows myself because of the natural look which i was never able to achieve by drawing myself 🀣

initial state

and now!

heh. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or just drop me an email at :)

Thank you @browart_studio!

Day 40

Thursday, 9 Feb 2017

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mmmyyc (avatar)

mmmyyc @shinekoh hello may I know who is the brow artiste who did for you?

2 years ago

queenjalic (avatar)

queenjalic May I know how much is it for the brows embroidery? πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

2 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @mmmyyc Jenny was the one who did for me!

2 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @queenjalic im checking with them. gimme a moment!

2 years ago

luminor14 (avatar)

luminor14 @shinekoh I have sudden outbreak. ur skin is so good now!

2 years ago

uglyducklinggg (avatar)

uglyducklinggg I really like how honest and open you are w your reviews πŸ’–

2 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @queenjalic $1200 for 1 free touch up or $2200 for 1 year unlimited touch up!

2 years ago

queenjalic (avatar)

queenjalic Thanks for the information! πŸ˜„

2 years ago

shinekoh (avatar)

shinekoh @queenjalic most welcome!

2 years ago

jenyen (avatar)

jenyen @shinekoh I always find the challenging part is to avoid brow getting in contact with water for a few days.

2 years ago

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