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So I won't forget ✨

April 2019

Some people are so undeserving of our love.

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Can’t believe this!!I’m already at 32 weeks. Feels the same to me, but I feel like in the next few weeks I may not be able to walk as much anymore. Feel like I’m really lucky to not get much backaches, probably thanks to swimming regularly at the start of my pregnancy. I should continue to do so, but I used to swim more laps and now it’s just 2 laps and I’m done 🤭

March 2019

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Quick update!!Been applying scar cream on my leg regularly, trying to help with the scars I got from the pregnancy rashes!!It’s so bad and my inner thigh has stretch marks, even the back of my thigh looks so bad. Don’t even feel like wearing shorts anymore because of all the scars 🤭 Tried so hard to be scar-free always but the rashes are just too bad sometimes :( And today was the first time my legs felt swollen

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pregnancy changes

1. Nausea and Vomiting Since the early weeks of pregnancy I haven’t been feeling the best when I wake up, or after having my meals. That’s what they call the morning sickness??? It was terrible. Everything that goes into my mouth comes out the next few minutes and I remember this day where I went to the temple with D and my parents. The moment I stood up I felt like I was going to faint, and I could only walk short distance then I felt like fainting again. #dayrepregnancy

February 2019

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It’s been months since my last update. And my previous update was when I found out about my pregnancy and felt so clueless about what to do. (9 Oct 18) Still 23, and getting pregnant means I’ll have to stop working. After much considerations I told myself that I had to keep the baby. So many of my friends asked me how I broke the news to my parents. Actually D’s parents and my parents already knew each other for over 10 years because of a temple and we also made trips to JB together.

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