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Mayonnaise hack for fried rice ⭐️

Tried another Cheesie’s cooking hack. And omg it’s so good! Seriously never disappoints!

Purpose of this hack is to make 粒粒分明 fried rice. Everytime we make fried rice, the rice tends to be too sticky or too soggy. Or ends up being not like the tsechar stall where it’s super fragrant and 蓬鬆.

It is often recommended to use 隔夜飯 (rice left over the night). Basically it’s just leaving the rice to dry up by itself.

But this hack allows us to use freshly cooked rice. It only involves mayonnaise!

Look at how each grain of rice is by itself and not lumpy. 😍

Such a mega success. Here’s a step by step guide on how I made this particular fried rice which resembles a little of Ding Tai Fung. 🙈

💎 Cook rice as per normal. Make sure it’s normal water level, if your rice always on the wetter side, slightly decrease the water.

💎 Once cooked, leave it for 15 mins, don’t open the cover immediately.

💎 Add in mayonnaise enough to cover each grain of rice (I prefer Kewpie, only $4.90 at Donki)

💎 Thorougly mix in the mayonnaise into the rice. Oh btw, don’t remove the rice out of the pot, stir in while it’s still keeping warm.

💎 Once done, close the cover and continue keeping warm until you’re cooking it.

💎 Add garlic into heated wok with olive oil in medium fire. Upon very slight browning, add on prawns to precook them to 70%. Then remove prawns from fire.

💎 Quickly add in other ingredients (diced ham, diced crabstick, diced long beans, etc), stir fry and make sure no chaotah!

💎 I added my favorite mushroom seasoning granules (I’ve shared previously) at this point. And a little dash of pepper.

💎 Add in rice that has been mixed with mayonnaise. Maintain the medium fire. Don’t give up on the rice if it still look not that 散, it will turn out fine.

💎 Pour beaten eggs into the wok, turn to high fire and quickly stir them evenly into the rice. We love eggs, so here’s three eggs, rice was 1¼ cups (should’ve just cooked one cup).

💎 At this point, I added in one teaspoon of Somi Shantan (味霸 equivalent) and more mushrooms granules.

💎 On high heat, just keep stir frying it until the rice is to your liking. Maintain high fire, add in the prawns to fully cook them. And voila, it’s done to perfection!

We had it together with the chilli with oil and garlic I posted before, and it’s super duper good. ♥️

#dayrecooks #MrsYangCooks

This is the chilli I was talking about. Super nice, also available at Donki at $4.90. Wah my everything also available at Donki, hahaha!

And I also made Campbell’s vegetables soup with alphabet pasta. So hearty and yums. ☺️


Anyone else loves alphabet soup?

Lucas even looked for my initials. 😘

Day 312

Thursday, 8 Nov 2018

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angelinee (avatar)

angelinee Hi Sherlyn! May I ask if the mayo has any impact on the fried rice taste? Like does it have the mayo taste after frying? Hope I make sense! Thanks!

3 months ago

sherlynliang (avatar)

sherlynliang @angelinee No it doesn’t affect the taste. Can’t taste it at all. Just put enough to coat the rice.

3 months ago

angelinee (avatar)

angelinee Thank you!

3 months ago

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