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April 2019

The love hate relationship of interviews! Especially hoping the one tomorrow isn’t a trick for selling insurance. I’m just going to give it a go in the morning since I’m starting work at noon tomorrow. Which also means, I didn’t bring along an extra set of uniform at work since I only got a call today.So tmr, I have to head out in formal, bring along my documents, uniform and bag. I don’t even know if I should carry along my heels!!!

Third person quitting within two weeks. I don’t even understand what these people are thinking and how much the first person who also only just came into the company (less than half a year) is such a bad influencer ? If you know you are going to be jobless within a month or two and haven’t found a job. Wouldn’t any normal adult just suck it up and work through it?? Why fast forward your jobless days and waste 1.5 months of salary ?

Can’t believe so many of you can’t bear to see me leave 😭😭😭. I always felt that I’m only using to rant and talk about non existence love life. Until igloo actually made it before Dayre dies LOL. To have someone that I met in real life and chasing after me. Wearing his heart on his sleeve. Really monetary wise he can’t give me 100 but I think he is giving like way over 100.I don’t even know where am I at.

I’ll probably not pay for Dayre 2.0! Unless it cost like $5. I mean, Netflix and Spotify cost about $10 each and they are of production quality. Dayre is just user generated. Plus, more people are leaving. So what is there to read? I know I’m anonymous too but , it’s so hard to keep track who is who with all that initials. At least I have igloo a pet name. Plus with Dayre plus, half my feed are always post that I can’t see.

March 2019

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Saw this yesterday and so igloo and he asked me why did I show him this -.-Gently reminded him that he said since there wasn’t pills for guys. The girls have to eat it for more protection.Guys will seriously never lose out don’t they ?Reading all the comments and it’s funny yet not because. Whether a not there is trust that the guys took the pill. The only one that will get pregnant is the lady! Why would a guy care right ?

Reading @/triste77 posts and all I can is you really don’t know what being cheated on feels like until you get cheated on. I didn’t even exactly get cheated on and it already felt so bad. Sometimes I forgot but sometimes flashbacks of different guys I’ve met on apps made me realised why I’ve always been single.But let’s not talk about them because they are no longer part of my life.

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