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January 2019

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Igloo won this for me at the Marina Bay carnival ?This boy won it within half a bucket ($8) and when OMG YES I GOT IT. Read this in a very firm and a bit fierce way. This girl here, was also tossing and did saw the ring got into the bottle. But I didn’t even scream? To sum it up, I like Monster inc and it’s very hard to find cute Monster inc merchandise. I have lots of Monster inc merchandise from Japan.

Back in SG and I haven’t had any trip withdrawals (yet). Which is crazy. I definitely had trip withdrawals for Japan and Melbourne. Of course works start tomorrow because I literally maximise my holidays to the brim from one no show day to the next.While I also can’t believe my company with less than 12 full time stuff including my direct team mate and I. The bosses decided to go for a company lunch when the both of us are on leave.

Day 6 of 9. Current en route to Jiufen on a gloomy wet morning. Not that I’m gloomy haha, let’s hope it doesn’t rain later. Yesterday I was so warm in Taipei, 20c on the weather app but felt like 28c?!I literally had my jacket off and my dress’s sleeve rolled up. Can it be cold for the remaining days. I want cold weather ;-; . The most bumped thing is my period arriving a week early on Day 3 of 9. MAFAN LEH. Good thing is not winter winter if not it’s so troublesome.

Yay to experiencing new year at the the boarding gates! First two messages and still the only two as at 00:14 was from Igloo and ZF. Of course it’s expected from igloo cause we have been texting. But not ZF?!ZF left message on my dm in the day to enjoy taiwan . And now another one for safe flight!This is interesting. From me initiating pass messages to him initiating for ZF. Though the conversation just stop there.

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