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Vlog out!! // Day 1 in Jakarta!

Me now at 1.15am!!! Took a vlog today and decided to faster edit it before I fly off in errrrrr 8hours? LOL
Okay pray it'll be done real quick!! Just gonna stitch them tgt and put music background since its just a normal daily vlog kinda video πŸ˜‚


Yay vlog is out!!!!!! Lemme share with yall!!!

Hahahahaha have fun watchingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its me and @urbandoll keesiaoness LOL

On the way to airport now!!! Freaking tired tho, only slept for 3hrs++ πŸ˜ͺ lol. Omg can't wait for massage........ i can really feel my body breaking apart liao lol

Shag. When its 8.52am already and suddenly your friend MIA and stop replying 😱😱😱
Supposed to meet 9am at the airport omg!

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Yay airport #ootd
Actually v slack but anyhow la hahahaha Jakarta only omg this trip i damn chill

Breakkie at airporttttt. Had sardine puff (omg so spicy!!) and nuggets!! Plus my fav ice Milo whoop😍

Flyint to Jakarta with Erjie and Stef!!😍

Hokay this gonna be me once again for the next 1hr++ till I landπŸ˜‚ damn tired!!!!!!

@urbandoll @rufflesnlace are you girls coming to find me toniteeeeee πŸ˜‹

From up high and above!!βœˆβ›…

Omg the Jakarta jam is real.... So so bad. But finally almost after an hour, we are at my sis's friend's apartment !!! Journey took one hour but cab fare only $13πŸ˜‚ #cheapthrills lol

And this is the view from my room!! CHIO😍


Here at Loewy for brunch!!! Everything in the menu not more than sgd$15! 😍

Watermelon juice all day everyday πŸ˜πŸ‰

Chicken aglio olio for both Stef and I! Lol whats new right.... I am always either pasta or beef πŸ˜‚

Got mini cheese burgers to share too!

And Erjie had beef tartare for $15?! Where to find in sg! The amount of meat + got salad and fries 😱

Stef and I!!!πŸ‘­

Tgt with my sis!

#dayrefatties #dayretravels
#shentravelogue #sheninIndo

Hokay done with food and seriously food coma now lol. Gonna go for massage and hair spa now!!! And then dinner!! And then PARTY!!!
Whoooooo cant wait!!πŸ’–

THE JAM JN JAKARTA SERIOUSLY TESTING MY PATIENCE OH MY GOD...................... It is so bad I can't even

Senayan City

Here at Senayan City for massage and hair spa! Lets go!!

Okay changed of plans!!! Supposed to be massage >> hair spa but since we were late for our appts (damn jam!!) So we had to hair spa first then massage!! Better than nothing, at least still get to do both πŸ˜‹

Right out of shampooing!!
Yay hair spa begins now 😍😍😍

Hair treatment + head massage goodness 😍

And shoulder massage omg I am dying its SO SHIOKKKKKKK
My body really aching so badly?!

"Just dry" because apparently there are different charges. "Just dry" = $1.80 (means just normal blow dry) while "Blow Dry" = $12 (blow dry by a professional hair stylist + got use comb kind give the curls etc)

My verdict?
Honestly it was really good UNTIL THE GUY ANYHOW BLOW MY HAIR 😠 I mean i know i not paying $12 by a professional stylist to "blow dry" my hair but walao I think I can blow my own hair even better? -_-

My hair damn dry already I see the guy anyhow roti prata my hair around (he's not a professional hair stylist btw) wah I could see my own hair frying up. Its damn shag. I really buey tahan so I asked him to stop and I took over myself wtf?? Lol

Actually I would rate the place 9/10 cuz honestly the 1.5hrs hair spa was SHIOK. The hair treatment. The head massage. Shoulder massage. πŸ‘ $24 for all of that, WORTH IT.

But I gotta say now I give 6/10 cuz that guy freaking roti prata until now my hair ends rabak.😭 it wasn't even so bad when I came into the salon lololololol. Then again maybe just I suay cuz the guy doing for Stef did an amazing job even though it was also "just dry". So I think really heng suay one la, I suay lor 😭

Over here now for our 1 hour massage! Its $13 for one hour nubbad right, some more it looks damn atas and its in an atas mall πŸ˜‚ all the Indo taitais just walked out of the massage parlour LOL
Hopefully it'll be good omg my legs are breaking

OMG THE MASSAGE IS 10/10!!!? πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―!!!!
Love it omg so good I WNA COME TO MEISO EVERYDAY!!!!😍😍 some more they use powder instead of oil so its not greasy at all!! I feel sooooo fresh!!

& wow its already 10pm! Off to grab our freaking late dinner πŸ˜…

Day 76

Friday, 17 Mar 2017

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mar7issa (avatar)

mar7issa Jenn Im is also in Jakarta!! Hopefully she's going to your event and you get to see her ☺☺

2 years ago

shennyyang (avatar)

shennyyang @mar7issa omg yesssss she's going for the event too!! its tmr😱😱😱

2 years ago

rufflesnlace (avatar)

rufflesnlace Cannot tonight I'm going to drink is it you not in SG again 😭 and "I am always either pasta or beef" this sounds a lot like me too lolll

2 years ago

ijustwantmysanity (avatar)

ijustwantmysanity Welcome to Jakarta!!

2 years ago

meishqinyaoorgary (avatar)

meishqinyaoorgary Oh I love Jakarta massage! To me it's even better than Thai massage

2 years ago

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