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Hair treatment & cut @ COVO // Thursday brunch date with Kel!!

Yessss finally done with #IntrovertedBoss 🤗
Overall I think its a not bad show!!! Pretty light hearted and fun to watch! At least this show don't have that kind of "villains" that will make you super gek-sim and punch the screen😂 u get what I mean!!

All 16eps are out already so if you haven start on the show, u can now go binge watch it over the weekends😂

Found this photo when I was searching for the poster image and omg srsly 😂😂 I really like how derp/innocent/blur his character is! And how much he likes to overthink everything! LOL really cute!!!!

Overall, I'll rate this show maybe a 8/10? Minus 2 points cuz the first 4 eps were super annoying because of the female lead (she kept trying to sabotage and it srsly got on my nerves) hahahahaha

Omggg can't wait to start on Defendant soon cuz you girls told me its damn good right!!😍

11.30am and already making my way out!! Heading to COVO Katong today cuz I just realised 2 days ago no time to do treatment + trim my ends and my hair is kinda dry from the dyeing!!!!
Really bth so I last min fixed at appt at Katong outlet to revive my hair 😂😂 and then after gonna meet my burden @urbandoll for brunch lol and then go back pack luggage and off I go to Jakarta!!!!😍

No time to waste! Covo in-house hair treatment right away to save my dry hair!! Whoopwhooop


COVO Hair Salon

Saying goodbye to 2 inches worth of hair!!!💔 its heartbreaking but anything for a smoother and healthier hair hehe. Oh and finally got to see stylist Yumi from COVO Katong after such a long time!!
Dk why every time I come to Katong outlet, she's on leave hahaha

Sobs end up cut 3 inches coz my ends really rabak af 😭😭 LOL. Super dry i also don't know why so dry this time round~
Yumi was telling me usually I do pink/purple etc they use manic panic dye for me. And manic panic is usually quite moisturising itself , maybe that's why I always didn't feel that my hair is dry. But for this greyish-brown, it wasn't manic panic (it was just a normal dye)..... And so its not as moisturising .
Okay imma stick to manic panic 4eva next time lol

Wah finally the dry ends are all gone! Almost snipped off 3.5inches I think!!!! 谢天谢地🙏

Just wanted a simple hairdo and Yumi did this for me!! Love it!!! Simple and classy hehe💖

Cutie Stylist Yumi and I!!!😘

Yay!!!! So happy to be walking out of COVO with healthy hair again hehe. Thank you Yumi for helping me get rid of my never ending split ends lol

Outlet: COVO Katong
Stylist: Yumi
20% discount code: 💕SHENNYCOVO💕


Off to meet Kel for lunch!!! Hungrryyyyyyyy~~~ 🍽

Thought I was gonna be later than @urbandoll but as usuallllllllllllllll I am the early one LOL

Aglio olio for me! Whats new hahahahaha
Asked kel to make a guess what I'll be having and she got it right! LOL

And as usual I knew she was gonna get chicken! LOL

Photo taken outside the cafe!

Then we realised 2nd floor chio-er to take photos so we shifted up! Hehhee

@urbandoll and I ❤❤❤

Top from @/lastwardrobesg on Instagram!!!!

We had a free ride LOLLLOLOL thanks to the promo code whoooop!!!!

Now back at Wine Connection at i12 for wine!! What is this... 8pm only we Xiao high LOL @urbandoll
Really la only we can do this 😂😂😂

Day 75

Thursday, 16 Mar 2017

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urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll I'm at Epi 2!! Freaking slowpoke😂

2 years ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll Pack me to JKT ALSO

2 years ago

shennyyang (avatar)

shennyyang @urbandoll HAHAHAHAHAH book tickets lai cheap one!!!!! see u in 1.5hrs!! i washing hair now + treatment already!!

2 years ago

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