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We are less than 10 months away to the big day and other than locking down wedding vendors, I started my Invisalign journey with iDental some weeks back to look my best on that special day. Now at my 2nd set of aligners!

I did a consultation with Dr.Cheng from iDental last year & you can find out more about it on my blog.

I had braces before so my teeth is relatively straight but there is still a slight overbite. (3D image of it can be found on my blog)

Dr.Cheng also pointed out that the size of my teeth seem a little too big for my face so he is planning to file them minimally during the treatment without harming the teeth.

It can be quite a hassle to remove the aligners before meals & wear it back after but other than that, my Invisalign journey has been great with almost no discomfort possibly because I'm used to wearing retainers post-braces.

Pretty sure you can't tell I'm wearing aligners here 😉

& here!

It doesn't hurt my gums/mouth when I speak/make faces unlike braces ✔️

PS: I'm paying a large percentage for this treatment & sharing only because I think it's good so far! However, not everyone is suitable for Invisalign so do visit iDental's open day on 3 September, 2PM at Capital Tower Level 9, FTSE Room. RSVP at!

Day 242

Monday, 29 Aug 2016

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clarxx (avatar)

clarxx hey Sheila! how much does the invisalign treatment cost roughly?

2 years ago

sheilamansy (avatar)

sheilamansy @clarxx It depends on the condition of your teeth so it's different for everyone (: Mines about $4,500!

2 years ago

DreamerGirl (avatar)

DreamerGirl Hello! I remember you dayred about going to a TCM to adjust your body or something. Could you please let me know which one you are going and if it is really good? If it's not convenient to share then it's alright :). Thanks!

2 years ago

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