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updated 1 month ago

Overestimated 一粒's appetite so leftover porridge for mama's breakfast instead! Added minced pork and a braised egg. 🤤

Braised pork belly 🤤
My fool proof way of getting melt-in-your-mouth pork belly - cook in an oven safe casserole at 150 deg for 2hrs.

Daily leaf picking exercise 😅

Focusing real hard to pick up a tiny leaf

Dancing to zumba music

一粒 says Bird bird bird! 🐦

Chasing after one

Day 49

Monday, 18 Feb 2019

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jiaminnn (avatar)

jiaminnn Can try pressure cooking 15min for the braised pork belly! Saves so much time but also melt in your mouth (anything to save time coz I don’t have 2h to slowly bake stuff now hahaha)

1 month ago

luminor14 (avatar)

luminor14 @sheehwee what brand of shoes do u buy for lo?

4 weeks ago

sheehwee (avatar)

sheehwee @jiaminnn thank you for the tips!!!:D I usually sear the pork in the casserole so I find it easier to chuck in the oven. never tried doing tt using pressure cooker!

4 weeks ago

sheehwee (avatar)

sheehwee @luminor14 i bought freycoo brand from dearbaby online

4 weeks ago

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