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Feeling a tad downcast cuz this 小瓜 suddenly decided to go on a food strike and rejected dinners that I painstakingly made for him the past two days. As much as I know this is common for a blw baby and I should trust he knows what he wants, it still feels quite sian to see him poke disinterestedly at the food and spit them out on the rare occasions that the food even got into his mouth.


Im just going to steam his favourite chicken drumstick today and hope he eats it. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

His night sleep hasn't been good either! @charmaiin @huiminnnnnnn He has been taking reallyyyyyy long to fall asleep (45mins). Is this common for toddlers? Ive been going BTC and it has been working till now.


Had a proud mama moment today.

Went to fetch 一粒 from IFC and noticed two bite marks on his arm. Decided to ask the teachers about it because it has been happening too often already.

"Was it the same child who bit him?" "Were other kids bitten too?"

Usually the teachers would avoid the question because they probably wanted to protect the kid/ prevent us from possibly kicking up a fuss with the kid's parents.

Just nice one of the helper aunties (who helps to cook/ bathe the babies) was there and she quipped: " yah it's the same kid. He and his brother always bite people one. Bite everyone!"

At this point I could see awkward looks on the teachers' faces. 😅😅

She continued: "Hao Yi 很乖的。他真的很乖。When I keep things he would help me. xxx clap hands.. xxxx.. 123..."
(Xxx because at this point my heart was singing so I was barely listening)

He brings us so much joy. Thank goodness for him and God bless him!

She threw her hands up in the air as she exclaimed that.

This. This moment. I nearly teared up in happiness. I could feel that she's saying it from the bottom of her heart. And it makes me really really proud.

My boy!!! My 宝贝!! Bringing joy to people!! Really 感动流泪. 😭


Our new norm - sitting on this bench to look at trees and have bread as pre-dinner snack

Nibbling at the bread super demurely

"Mama what's that?"

"How about that??"

"Or that?"

(He's holding a leaf in his hand. He loves picking up leaves and passing it to me/ holding on to it for very long.)

One of his favourites at the playground


My big boy learnt to climb the stairs standing up and holding on to the rails today! 💪🏻

Bah kut teh with fish maw and enoki mushrooms

Day 46

Friday, 15 Feb 2019

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littlekutu (avatar)

littlekutu isit teething?

1 month ago

huiminnnnnnn (avatar)

huiminnnnnnn I think so! N has been taking 45m-1.5h to sleep since forever 😆

1 month ago

joanneliao (avatar)

joanneliao Damien been taking at least 30 mins to sleep since few weeks ago? I think is developmental and shouldn’t matter as Long STTN? Hehe

1 month ago

sheehwee (avatar)

sheehwee @littlekutu maybe hor!!! lemme try to prepare softer food for him today!

1 month ago

christinengt (avatar)

christinengt @sheehwee @huiminnnnnnn @joanneliao I’m not alone..

1 month ago

Triplechoc (avatar)

Triplechoc i think the taking long to sleep is developmental. A has been taking 40m - 1h to sleep since 14 months old.

1 month ago

sheehwee (avatar)

sheehwee @huiminnnnnnn @joanneliao @Triplechoc thanks for the insights!! ok then I dont need to worry too much. I came across a post by Geraldine in the Sleepinglikeasgbaby fb grp and she said to give earlier bedtime when night sleep is compromised (less than 10.5hrs) and it worked for yili yst!! 🤞🏻 He suddenly slept within 10mins (no dayrejinx pls). I am thinking for him it could be a sleep window thing still.

1 month ago

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