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June 2019

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Top 5 Favourite Products of MAY

Hello June! Time is flying by like nobody’s business this year. It’s already mid year?! For a start, I’m back here with my top 5 favourite products of May.It is mainly products for the face and probably 1 eyeshadow palette that I’ve been using quite recently.

May 2019

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Dayre Dayre, I wish I could have you up on my newly purchased MacBook.Because I really do not enjoy blogging on a small screen and manually searching and uploading pictures..On the other hand I do want to be back on dayreblogging.I was finally in the app catching and reading on many of my peers from Dayre.I wish I was half as consistent on here as well. However, I did take a break and deviated for a while.Stay tune!I’ll find a way to upload my blog post from my laptop

March 2019

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Hi again!It’s been really hard keeping up with social media as you grow older and especially harder when I have so much thoughts to document but I ended up swallowing them all.So I’ve been brainstorming real hard while waiting for my complexion to clear up from ‘em hormonal acne.Yet I still refused to see a doctor for pills because I want to recover naturally which is naturally a longer and much painful way.

February 2019

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Hello lovelies! First post of the year from me.This is probably the only sat or weekend I am finally chilling at home with fam. How time flies!Hope everyone had a blast from from their reunion dinners and gathering from CNY!Anyways, my new year has been a great start.New year, new me, new friends, new experiences 😜This photo is taken with the bridesmaids I have befriended from my bff’s wedding. Our friendship started on 11Jan 2019#dayre #2019

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