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I tell #microstories of #London.

April 2016

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At work on consultancy gig, next to MI6, the British Secret Service. So if any of you are fans of James Bond and wondered if in Skyfall the building that blows up really looks like that, it does. #jamesbond #skyfall #007 #mi6 #london #londonlandmarks #embankment #vauxhall

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If any of you use Jawbone wearable technology and want a person to "race" against (but not really because I walk not run), I just got the UP and I really like it!

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Kid got first pet this weekend, a Venus Flytrap he named "Chompy". We had lots of fun searching back garden for ants and tiny worms to feed to it.

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Did you know if you retch violently for five minutes straight while someone is performing a gastroscopy on you while you are fully awake, you will burst a bunch of blood vessels in your face? BECAUSE I DIDN'T TILL I GOT HOME. You'd think the recovery team would have been like "heads up, you look like an extra from the film "12 Monkeys", but that's to be expected, it's cool". No, they let me take two trains and a bus home looking like a damn plague victim cosplayer.

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I know, I know, I haven't updated in a million zillion years and no one remembers me. Anyway...My stupid reproductive system went majorly haywire again, and very long story very short, I can't have kids now. So...yeah. It kind of sucks to not even be 40 and have a major biological function taken away from you, but...I'm alive. And that's more than a lot of people have. So I'm thankful.

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