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April 2019

So I had the busiest three months since I started work, and when I finally ended the previous engagement, I was beyond happy and wanted to chill tf out. Which resulted in some sort of slacking on my part when I started my next engagement the week right after. I also took 2 days of leave for Qing Ming. Hence last week was effectively a 3 day work week.It also didn’t help that I was extremely slow in my tasks. Barely did half of what was allocated to me.

March 2019

While I am OTing right now, I’ll like to take a minute to write down my gratitude towards the people in my team.Although this job is the most stressful job I have, but am really thankful for the team who keeps me going. BY for being so willing to help me on CF even though he’s a SMIv for resolving my corrupted excel problem and saving me hours from having to redoP for just always saving my ass in this job PY for always teaching me whenever I have questions and following up on E for me

Just want to record how much sweet J has been this weekend. When we were doing our work at my house on Saturday, he made sure I drank enough water. After that he left for cage. Then when I wanted to drink water, I realised he refilled my cup for me before leaving so I didn’t need to. Today I decided to nap cause I was too tired, and asked J to wake me up after 20min so I could do some laundry. He didn’t wake me up and kept all the laundry for me + folded them + took the wet ones out to dry.

February 2019

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J surprised me with dinner at Trapizza Sentosa today (or technically yesterday). Hahaha. It has been a long time since we went out on a proper date. I really enjoyed the night 💕

Watched J’s last IHG floorball match today.They lost the finals, during a penalty shootout. J’s really upset about it, and I’m upset seeing him so upset. 4 years of floorball finals watching. Twice they were champions, once when J was the captain 💕; twice they came in second. And in J’s last IHG match today, they came in second. I Guess the worst thing was that, they could have won. The chance of them winning was so high. It was just bad luck today.

January 2019

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Boom yesterday killed me hahaha. Felt like fainting halfway through. Not sure if it was Victoria’s class or the lack of exercise during office shutdown or both. Most probably both. Hahaha. But I feel the ache today and I love it!!

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