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wear your heelys to escape the feelys

July 2019

I’ll make it however difficult it may be

Went for a Stretch class with MA today! Forgot how much I enjoyed Yin classes, and the one at Yoga Lab was even better the ones I’ve done at Hom. I used to avoid going for Yin classes when I’m not on a monthly plan bc I’d feel like I could go for more exciting classes. But class today made me realise how challenging Yin is. Honestly I find it HARDER bc it’s so difficult to keep yourself still in uncomfortable poses. Gonna frolic over to more Stretch classes now 🤩

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Rushed down for yoga today but it was worth the rush 🤩 Really dont know why I didn’t like yoga lab when I first gave it a go last year! I can safely retire from Hom bc Hom is obv above my pay grade 🤪

June 2019

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I look 35 oh gad help me

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