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January 2017


this is attempt number three at writing this, jsyk.throughout the day i kept getting distracted & having to put the cellphone down. soon as i picked it up again, i'd hit the home button or something & everything would be wiped.yup.definitely won't be missing that, for sure! ha.(& this %*^!?@$ word limit!! jialat.)so, here we go again.ahem.

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happy that i'm currently in the midst of setting up my new digs on the interweb & will be announcing my move very soon now. i'm VERY EXCITED seeing as how it's still a very new community but already, it's absolutely thriving & folk there are creative, witty, inspiring... all the things that spark joy within me! (unlike here where unwarranted blocking seems to be the new trend. 🙄 @kobuang.) privacy, bla, bla, bla. do yourself a favour & get OFF the internet altogether. there's your privacy, mate.

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i'd like to really remember to love myself a little better by no longer prioritising people who only ever regard me as a convenient option. in that, i will refuse hereon to play that role of a substitute & always be so readily available; when there has been an argument with the boyfriend/husband, when the significant other is away, busy at work or otherwise. i'm neither proud nor happy to be the easy fallback, the "go-to" or the afterthought/last resort. it's time for a change. fin. #marryingme

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