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Hospital Tour at TMC

At TMC's hospital tour today with le husband! #dayrepregnancy

We're the only one in our third trimester here it seems 😂 looks like most people tend to do the tours in their second trimester.

The rooms are so much nicer here!!! And I really like the vibe here over Mount Alvernia? (no photos for that though cos I went alone and was carrying all my barang, vs today where my husband came with me).

TMC vibes feels more homely whereas Mount A felt very...hospital-ish imo. Although Mount A rooms seemed bigger with more floor space?

Premier Single Room

📷 photo credits all to my husband, so please ignore the huge whale 🐳 photobombing the nice view k 😂

Single Room

Space wise seemed the same to us?? Just that maybe due to the layout of the rooms which we visited today, the Single actually felt a bit more spacious given how the furniture was arranged.

Sorry no photos for 2 and 4 bedder cos we aren't considering those at all so couldn't be bothered 😂

Le hubs in the family suite - such luxury!!!

Lol that table looks like it is floating.

Le 🐳 checking out the restroom and shower area.

Sister Angie, our guide for the hospital tour, was very informative!

The suite for relatives and friends without le 🐳 in the photo 😂

I don't really want too many friends over while I'm recovering from my delivery - probably just the really close girlfriends and church friends to pray for us - so we probably won't go for the suite.

Not sure if our huge family of relatives are gonna insist on coming over to see baby...I don't know if I'll have the energy to entertain folks sia.

We were a little late for the tour so Sister Angie stayed back for a bit after to bring us to view the birthing rooms, which was the front part that we missed out on!

Got to see the 4 different types of pain relief offered by TMC to deal with contractions:
- laughing gas (saw the equipment too)
- hydrotherapy (the only private hospital in SG to offer this. NUH is the only other option. Mount A didn't have this when I asked 😥)
- some injection thingo that I wasn't interested in
- epidural

Hubs snuck a photo of me viewing the cute babies at the nursery (I didn't even know he took this lol) where Sister Angie showed us a baby with jaundice undergoing phototherapy and the others after their bath. All the babies were so calm and TINY omo so cute 😍 I couldn't tell the difference between which baby was a boy or a girl though 🙊

Aiyo now it makes me wonder if I'll be able to spot baby Nate in a nursery full of babies?!?

Another one of their birth rooms - this one doesn't have a hydrotherapy tub + chair less plush for the hubs to sit on (who cares! 😝 wife more important ok).

TMC seems to have a lot more birthing rooms available than Mount A? (not too sure about this but just based off my impression and memory from the tour). I asked about the process and what happens if all the birthing rooms happen to be full?

For TMC, most of their patients get to stay in the birthing (delivery) room throughout while waiting to dilate.

For Mount A, there's a separate waiting room where the mothers stay until it's almost time for delivery, then they get shifted over iirc?

Here's a video I took of TMC's birthing room since so many of you are camping!! (but I highly encourage y'all to do the tour in person if you can, to get a feel of the vibes for yourself!)

I love TMC's longan and red date tea!!!!!! Remember I wrote about trying it on Saturday at the event I spoke at (for Aviva) and LOVED IT OMG gimme some of it now pls. Was a little sad they didnt offer it during / after the tour lololol.

For those staying at TMC, remember to sign up for this to get discounts!!

I remember being very sian in July cos I only found out about this AFTER I paid full price at Thomson Diagnostic Centre for my Oscar scan and detailed 24 weeks fetal scan, zzz.

Free Aviva insurance for babies and mummies who stay at TMC! This is a really nice touch!

Wah nubbad I don't have to ownself go source and compare. Okay shall crunch the numbers when I'm home.

I'd always been under the impression that TMC was wayyyy more expensive than Mount Alvernia (our top two choices), but apparently according to the MOH bill statistics this isn't the case?!? Surprising revelation indeed!

Signed up for the Childbirth Education Workshop!

N was panicking cos he said he feels SO ill-prepared (see la see la leave everything to your wife to research la 😂) and totally not ready to be a dad, so we decided to sign up for TMC's one-day intensive childbirth prep class to get him ready. It's a little too late now for other courses (which usually have a more comprehensive syllabus) but TOO BAD, last min jiu shi last min!

Scheduled our class for three weeks later, can't wait! I think I've read up / researched / attended conferences on most of it already but it'll be entirely new to le hubs 😂😂😂😂

This one!

Everything else, I told him he has to learn from the nurses / confinement nanny liao cos too late to squeeze in any more classes before I pop! Still need to bring me go swimming every week leh and we've a ton of other things not yet prepared, including:

- diaper cream (ordering the organic one from Earth Mama)
- setting up our diaper changing table and/or baby cot
- prepping baby bottles for first few weeks of night feeds (esp if I'm too tired)
- bed for confinement nanny
- breast pump parts (still haven't collected our S1 and the parts!)

Our room is also still in a mess and the bedside area hasn't been cleared for baby's bed yet 😑 I dunno when on earth we're ever gonna get around to doing it!!! Only six more weeks left yo!!!!!!!

WAHHHHHH my dictator husband actually bought me my fav cookies while waiting for me to be done in the restroom after dinner!

感动 sia, but the first few things I said were
- eh? No more GD diet? I can eat ah?
- aye why you never tell me, I got discount on my Entertainer app leh!!!


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Wednesday, 3 Oct 2018

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charlenesy (avatar)

charlenesy Looking forward to your updates on TMC!

6 months ago

star_dust_ (avatar)

star_dust_ I love their premier suites! So much more exclusive than thomson family suite imo. 😂

6 months ago

sabrinaseah (avatar)

sabrinaseah Hehe I love TMC 😃👍🏻 I gave birth there.. hehe 😉

6 months ago

greek (avatar)

greek ah you make me reminisce on my hospital stay. Only time to be happy to be admitted to hospital is when having a baby. It was a special time just baby and me. I mean husband and parents visited, but most of the time it was just the two of us.

6 months ago

mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul looking good with that expectant belly!

6 months ago

minettej (avatar)

minettej you're looking fit n healthy even with a bump! heh.

6 months ago

Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry Bump is looking great! I'm going for the TMC tour this sat haha I thought should go later in the pregnancy so can remember where to go during the real thing!

6 months ago

tianl (avatar)

tianl The rooms look nice!!

6 months ago

tianl (avatar)

tianl I thought so too but now cannot go le :/ @isabeltan1

6 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @tianl DONT BE SAD lailai live update for u. mount A u ask your hubs k cos I didn't take that time since I was alone and had no spare hands. I got video also for TMC! I upload later when I'm home with Wi-Fi then u can see also

6 months ago

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