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How you see your life and the events in your life determines EVERYTHING.


Being told by my parents they didn't have money to send me to university.

I could choose to whine about it (so unfair! How come all my friends can but I cannot? How come you force me to go JC instead of poly then now you do this?!), or find another way out.

I chose the latter - studied hard, scored straight As, landed myself a scholarship that paid for 4 years of university tuition fees and even gave me a $500 monthly allowance.

(actually all tyco de lol)


Falling down the overhead bridge in my third trimester and getting a permanent scar on my nose bridge cos of it.

I could choose to be emo (so ugly!) or see it as an opportunity to really go for plastic surgery next time 😁 (still trying to convince the hubs to pay for it though wahaha).

Korea, here I come!! ??


When I failed my 1-hour reading for the OGTT (diabetes test) in my second trimester last year. Plus my dad has had diabetes for almost half his life le.

Most pregnant women would feel downcast upon receiving such a result:

But Heng I had a pretty chill gynae, who walked me through the guidelines and said, "haiya nothing to worry you don't really have gestational diabetes, just that your body takes longer (2 hours vs 1 hour) to bring down your blood glucose levels.

Actually is ok but because MOH new guidelines changes are now more strict, so still considered fail one reading."

"So do I need to prick myself?!?" I asked in horror.

Aiya no need la, but you want to see a nutritionist?

Me: "can don't need?"

"Can, then you just watch your diet okay and we will monitor you lor."

And he let me off the hook 😅

But still wrote "GD patient" on my admission slip which I had to pass to TMC when I went in 😒 and when I questioned him about it,

"I thought u said I dont have GD!"

"Play safe la, nothing one", he reassured me.

So do I have GD? Keeping myself in the mindset of a GD patient would mean very differently from one who chooses to believe otherwise cos technically, I passed the old guidelines hor.

See "previous recommendation" 😁😁 I passed with flying colors okay! What GD? What diet restrictions? It's called eating healthy.

And was very happy for the rest of my pregnancy teehee.


Nate has recently gotten very clingy to my helper, and doesn't want us to put him to sleep / nap anymore. As compared to our days in Australia, he also no longer wants to sleep with us, and only wants to sleep with our helper in her bed now.

He even threw a 1-hour tantrum the other day -.- all because I told my helper to stay in the kitchen so I could try to soothe him by myself.

We needed him to get used to other caregivers too, for times when my helper is off.

But he wouldn't have any of it. No matter how much we tried to distract him, scold him sternly, pacify him sweetly etc...he knew my helper was in the kitchen and kept screaming until we gave in 1 hour later (I was worried he would hurt his throat from all that screaming).

I think my son got my perseverance from me 😂

If it wasn't for the fact that I needed to head out for a meeting, and that I was worried for his throat...I wouldn't have given in lor.

The moment my helper picked him up, Voila! The boy stopped crying.


Initially I was quite sad about it, cos it sucks to have your baby prefer your helper over his own mother. And I kept telling him,

"Excuse me boy I carried you in my tummy for 9 months and even fell down the overhead bridge cos of you while pregnant, and you don't want your mummy anymore?!?"


But then I thought about it and tried to look at it from a more positive angle.

It is actually a GOOD thing that my baby wants my helper, cos it means he genuinely likes her. If he only clings to you, then it might be that he's afraid of the helper cos maybe she's abusing him in secret?

WOW. Mindblown.
(Thanks to my friend who told me this)

I also reasoned later on that it is better he sticks to my helper rather than me, cos otherwise he'll have major issues when I need to leave the house, and I'm out almost 80% of the time. Or when I need to do work on my laptop, and can't be playing with him cos there are deadlines to be met.

So in the end I figured, never mind la.

Nate may cling to my helper but he loves ME best cos I'm his mama! And nothing can ever change that.

I could choose to be emo or I could choose to think positive, and I choose the latter.

Hakuna matana.



Recently I've also been looking at my mirror reflection and telling myself,

I am 48kg I am 48kg I am 48kg.

And then 😳😳😳 guess what happened?!? I lost 10kg!!!!!!! Omo!!!!!

Just kidding 😂

Day 212

Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019

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michelle_khoon (avatar)

michelle_khoon Your post also make me scared leh.. Did you let your helper to sleep with baby at night before he got clingy? Have you figure out why baby prefers helper more than you. My baby is okay with my helper. But the moment she sees me she doesnt want anybody else including my dad who play with her most of the time.. Im a working mum.

3 weeks ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses yes yes hi5 to the helper thing, it gives me assurance but thankfully Caelia isn’t that sticky la!! hahaha if not i will start crying lol

3 weeks ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @michelle_khoon Nate was sleeping with my helper for a few days when we were overseas for a business trip, and then for another week when he was sick. after that he became very sticky to her! haha

3 weeks ago

consumerpey (avatar)

consumerpey hahaha the weight loss bit was funnt

3 weeks ago

consumerpey (avatar)

consumerpey its easier to lose weight in your 20s than 30s, so all the best ah!

3 weeks ago

hellodaisy (avatar)

hellodaisy hahaha i died at the 10kg part.

3 weeks ago

ufuix (avatar)

ufuix hahahahahahahahahaha the 10kg part hahaha i also want leh

3 weeks ago

NutellaYum (avatar)

NutellaYum On point 1: give yourself more credit!! It isn’t just tyco

3 weeks ago

apieceofwong (avatar)

apieceofwong Experiencing point 4 too. Woes of a working mum 😬

3 weeks ago

twentiesshop (avatar)

twentiesshop HAHHAHA! The 10kg! 😂

3 weeks ago

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