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CNY: Don't rush into having kids

How to field off annoying questions during CNY

I love #2. SAVAGE!!!!!

credits to my couples cell group for sharing this πŸ˜‚ I laughed so hard!

Jokes aside, I'm also really glad that CNY is over. Don't get me wrong, I love CNY and all the festivities, but it's a whole different ball game when you've a baby in tow.

CNY Effects #1: Expect everyone to wanna carry your baby

Babies are always the center of attention every CNY, and if your baby is particularly cute, expect everyone to want to carry πŸ‘Ά.

All's good if everyone has clean hands and is conscious of germs. Thankfully, most of our relatives understood this, and the sick ones kept a distance from baby Nate.

Unfortunately, by the first day, baby Nate developed rashes all over his forehead and front scalp. Probably due to all the different relatives rubbing his forehead? And the fact that he has really sensitive skin. I made some relatives lather on hand sanitizer before allowing them to touch Nate, but couldn't do so with some others cos sure kena scolded and I didn't wanna spoil the happy atmosphere.

Luckily enough, Cherub Rubs Skin Soothe helped to clear it overnight. That stuff is amazing, #dayremummies go try it! I use it as baby Nate's organic diaper cream at home (rotates with Skin Balm) and CNY was the first time we tried it on his rashes. It worked like magic!

CNY Effects #2: Expect people to disturb and wake your baby up when he's trying to sleep / has just fallen asleep

Don't blame them, cos they're just overly excited. After all, they only get to see baby a few times every year!

Baby Nate is lucky cos he has so many relatives who were very anxious during CNY to dote on him. Everyone wanted to play or carry him. But as a result of this, baby Nate didn't get to nap as much as he usually does. Which also results in...

CNY Effects #3: Expect to deal with a cranky and inconsolable baby at night

Not too sure about this, but the results of asking among others seem to suggest that bottle-fed babies are less likely to become overly cranky because they have a schedule to follow. My friend's baby didn't give her any trouble after CNY Day 1 visitations, but instead slept super well throughout the night!

On the other hand, baby Nate, who's both direct breastfed and supplemented with bottles after, was cranky and inconsolable for the past three nights cos of overstimulating.

We were so tired cos we let our helper rest at night since she mostly helps with baby Nate in the day, so the night shifts are all ours. Which isn't as bad anymore cos baby Nate can now sleep for 6 - 8 hours at night before he wakes for his next feed, but when he's scared or overstimulated...

He reverts back to waking up every 2 - 3 hours and only wants me to comfort him 😒

My poor baby.
And his poor parents. We were super sleep deprived for three nights. Thank goodness it's over!

To all the singles this CNY,

Don't feel pressured if your relatives ask you about whether you've a boyfriend / girlfriend, or when you're getting married.

Fate happens at its own pace, and is not dictated by whatever timing your relatives set.

As my MIL puts it, ζœ‰δΊ›δΊΊηš„ηΌ˜εˆ†ζ—©οΌŒζœ‰ηš„ζ―”θΎƒθΏŸεˆ°γ€‚

Some couples marry early because they're fated to meet earlier, while some meet the right person only much later in life.

The worst thing you could do for yourself would be to rush into a marriage because of some ticking timeline. Once you're married, you're committed to stay with that person. Don't ruin the rest of your life just because of your relatives' pressure - they aren't gonna help you pick up the pieces if it crumbles later.

It's your own life, do as you please. Go out and meet people. Download dating apps and date around.

When your fate comes, you'll know.

To all the newlyweds this CNY,

"when are you gonna have babies?"

That's probably the question you'll end up getting the most. But again, ignore them.

As a newlywed (I've been married for less than 2 years now) and a new mama, I'll tell you,

Don't rush into having kids.

Your life WILL change 180 degrees once you have a baby. Your relationship with your partner will suffer in the beginning as you both struggle to take care of a newborn. You'll never have your δΊŒδΊΊδΈ–η•Œ anymore.

If you found adulting hard, parenting is even worse. Because you're now responsible for not just your own life, but someone else's. Someone who's just a vulnerable little baby.

Having a baby is an amazing thing but if there's one word I'll use to describe parenthood, it will be bittersweet. You'll cry a lot. Laugh a lot. Tear your hair out a lot. Smile and go "aww" a lot. But also sit in the dark at 3am crying a lot. It really is the toughest thing ever.

(I LOL at my naive 18-year-old self who thought A levels was the toughest thing ever. Lol!)

If you don't spend enough time building and working on your marriage foundation first, having a baby will kill it.

So, do yourself and your spouse a favour, and work on your marriage first.

Bring your baby into a family where your spousal love is strong. Otherwise, your child will suffer if your marriage ever falls apart.

The biggest gift you can give to your children is love. Love for them, and love for your spouse.

Going on a well-deserved date with le husband!

Aka no makeup date haha.

So handsum.

We had the woodfire grill black pepper steak, and USDA prime ribeye to share!

Used The Entertainer app to get the other steak free, heh.

Medium rare steak, I've missed you so!!!

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Thursday, 7 Feb 2019

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fullofdusk (avatar)

fullofdusk Hide in room and say I need to feed baby!

6 months ago

mygrowingupdays (avatar)

mygrowingupdays #2!!πŸ˜‚

6 months ago

shiruheng (avatar)

shiruheng i can so relate to your post! except people like to touch my baby’s head πŸ˜… which i really dislike

6 months ago

seraphicmermaid (avatar)

seraphicmermaid Still suffering from the aftermath of cny today- my 2 mth old hasnt stopped fussing and Still won't eat normally arghhh

6 months ago

wishcl (avatar)

wishcl Someone sick held my baby nephew and we were going to put hand sanitiser on him but another relative warned us that it was too harsh for babies and would cause rashes. We ended up finding a sink and just washing his hands since he likes to munch on his own fists. There’s only so much we can do with everyone wanting to hold him.

6 months ago

miryuu (avatar)

miryuu I think you mean change 180 degrees! 360 degrees will bring you back to the same spot hehe. Also, very selfless of you to allow relatives to play with baby Nate! I don’t have the extra patience to deal with cranky relatives, so I have mandated that no one visits / wakes baby for this period 😬

6 months ago

hellochara (avatar)

hellochara good advice! my wedding is like not even a yr yet and im being told i "shld" have a baby to bring ard next cny πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

6 months ago

alwaysmore (avatar)

alwaysmore Wah piglet is not even born and I get anxiety thinking of dirty hands touching her face 🀒

6 months ago

shirene (avatar)

shirene checked all 3 cny effects! relatives threw a cranky baby (who was being woke up after 5 min of falling asleep) back to me and told me that "ur baby is fussy". dealt with a wailing baby thru the day and i was mentally exhausted 😞

went to de second cny gathering with a baby carrier and it was the best decision ever.

MIL asked "why is baby constantly sleeping?"

for god's sake he is just 1 month old 🀦🏻‍♀️

6 months ago

wintercld (avatar)

wintercld ur hubby got pierre png vibe

6 months ago

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