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Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit

I saw something today and couldn't decide for the life of me the entire morning whether to post lest it stirs up another drama...cos influencers are involved again. Later people accuse me of being "salty" once more πŸ˜‘

Moments like these I wish I had a "block" function like on Facebook you know? Then I can block certain people from reading certain posts in case they take offence.

But anyway, half a day later I've decided to post it because in the spirit of PSA and also cos my dentist friends have also been talking about this product πŸ‘Ž

The product has received much hype because
- it is cheap
- it really does make your teeth whiter

And is being massively marketed to the brides-to-be community like #dayrebrides and of cos everyone else who just desires to look good like you and me #dayrebeauty

Some distributors have been tapping on influencers with large followings by giving them a sponsored kit in exchange for postings / reviews. The before / after photos do look very promising.

Claims by sellers and influencers: This kit is HSA-approved, SGS & MSDS & CE certified

Fact: no it is not?

In the UK, DIY whitening kits sold for home use have been investigated and because these kits often do not declare the precise chemicals used, it is very hard for the regulators to assess how safe they are.

One kit that was seized actually tested positive for sodium perborate, which is a banned chemical because it can cause infertility and foetal abnormalities.

In other places, kits seized were found to contain dangerous amounts of bleaching agent that essentially does give you whiter teeth...at the cost of your teeth. Some contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide which can cause long-term health problems. You may not "feel" the issues right away until years later.

Many of these over-the-counter bleaches also have a high acidity which can damage your teeth. Some could be abrasive in nature which corrodes your enamel to reveal whiter teeth 😨

If your teeth has deep cavities and you're not aware, you could also be doing more harm than good when you use these kits. The bleach then gets an unimpeded route to your blood vessels, nerves and bone at the root of your tooth. This can potentially cause a bad toothache or trigger an infection.

Teeth whitening is a complicated procedure and should be carried out only by a dentist after a thorough examination and assessment of your teeth.



Some red flags with the Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit

Now, I'm not here to dispute the effectiveness of the kit okay? I'm only referring to the safety and legal issues surrounding this saga.

Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit is NOT APPROVED BY HSA

It has been introduced to many as a lucrative sideline with the message that it is HSA-approved and therefore safe.

It is NOT. Some folks have checked directly with HSA and received direct confirmation that it is not approved or authorised at all for sale in Singapore.

Only licensed dentists can sell items containing above 1% of hydrogen peroxide

But errrrr sales of this kit is still continuing. Go figure.

HSA Regulations

1. Tooth whitening products containing up to 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide (equivalent to 0.3% of carbamide peroxide) is allowed in oral hygiene products for consumers. Includes toothpaste.

2. Tooth whitening products containing up to 6% of hydrogen peroxide (equivalent to 18% of carbamide peroxide) can only be prescribed by a registered dental practitioner. Such products are not for direct sale to the general public ❗❗

How much do these people / influencers earn from selling a kit?

From HSA

Someone told me it is $50 per kit sold. I dunno whether this is true k y'all can go ask them yourself.

I don't doubt that the product is as effective as the influencers who endorse it claim, and it is great that they claim there's no teeth sensitivity, but whether it is safe is another matter altogether.

So for those of you who emailed to ask me, that's why you don't see me endorsing it here either. I just can't be sure and I don't wanna be caught recommending something that will blow up in my face later.

My friend also wrote about this previously from a dentist's POV giving her take on the kit so if y'all wanna read it, can go see @shiyunnn_:220617

Do you want to spend $75 on a teeth whitening kit that has not been through safety testings?

A kit that even local dentists don't endorse?

One that could be potentially be damaging to your teeth or even toxic to your body in the long run?

If you take the risk and something happens, it'll cost more to fix it with a professional than the peanuts you save now from choosing these kits over professional dental whitening services.

How much are your teeth worth?
How much is your health worth?

HSA is already now reaching out to the public to gather information about this product, especially since it purports wild claims of being approved by the group when nothing of the sort ever took place.

The saga isn't over. I guess we will know soon.


"Patented technology developed in the UK" --> errrr isn't it made in China? Why does this claim sound so misleading?

Another major red flag with this kit is that even those selling it are giving contradictory information on what the ingredients are.

Version 1 : titanium dioxide, carbomer, xylitol, deionised water

Version 2: Tammie (one of the main distributors I think?) reportedly told a customer that it contains high levels of hydrogen peroxide which is what makes it effective

Errrrrr how come same brand same kit got different ingredients?

My guess is that it contains damn high levels of H2O2 lor.

More certifications claimed... Wait ah let me try to verify

Nothing came out in the MSDS directory leh?

Nothing on SGS either.

Can't verify on any database for CE certification but found this pretty damning piece instead.

I'm not condemning any influencers cos maybe they're just reproducing what the distributors / sellers told them about the product. These kind of stuffs are no joke. And ζ’ζˆζ˜―ζˆ‘, I will at least try to verify the claims especially when it sounds too good to be true.

My research may not be entirely accurate so if there's anything wrong here, please feel free to correct me! After all I'm neither a dentist nor an expert but I've used my research skills honed from investing here to dig a bit deeper.

Stay safe everyone. Don't jeopardise your long-term health for short-term vanity / savings. If you're really that desperate to whiten your teeth, seek a professional dentist instead.

Union Gas IPO results

anyway shucks this must be karma from writing this post but I DID NOT GET ALLOCATED ANY IPO SHARES OF UNION GAS WAHLAUUUUUUUUU?!?!

Tomorrow got high chance to fly liao, SIANNNNN.

Day 201

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017

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boobigboss (avatar)

boobigboss Omg I know what u r talking about! I bought it! Now I don't know how to feel about it >_<

1 year ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @boobigboss you saw the announcement on the group too right?

1 year ago

boobigboss (avatar)

boobigboss Yes! And I have been using it! It does make my teeth a bit whiter! But now wedding's over, I have been pretty lazy in using already..
Thinking to continue or not

1 year ago

happilyeverafter (avatar)

happilyeverafter thanks for bringing it to my attention! i nearly bought it but have been hesitant aiyo

1 year ago

pennypockets (avatar)

pennypockets I knew it!!! Read somewhere a long time ago that this was not a safe product but then it wasn't so hyped up yet. I couldn't really find much through Google but I still had my reservations. I must admit though, all those recent raving reviews really did suay me and I was so close to buying one to try out! Can't wait for your post!

1 year ago

evonne89 (avatar)

evonne89 There's also another teeth whitening kit recently, though not as popular as Beautiful kit. Called Popsmile! Good that you raised this up πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

1 year ago

BatuMaungKid (avatar)

BatuMaungKid Thanks for the PSA πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ I was initially quite tempted to buy but never got around to it. Now I know to be careful πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

1 year ago

wwwandaaa (avatar)

wwwandaaa Thank you for sharing this! I was hesitating for a the longest time if I should get the kit cos the result look really promising, and its quite pocket friendly.πŸ˜” Looks like the risks outweighs the benefits..

1 year ago

TanSH (avatar)

TanSH Thanks for sharing, good info though! Dun worry abt whether ur views or posts clash with others anot, u are just sharing for the benefits of most others

1 year ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan Didn't hear about this before but good to know! Really don't like MLM's and this seems dangerous as well!

1 year ago

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