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Save Dayre!


Yesterday, @blog announced that they'll have to shut down Dayre at the end of the month as they were unable to raise the SGD 150,000 needed to run this platform for a year.

I'm as shocked and upset as all of you are. But instead of being sad, I'm determined to not let this go if we can help it.

You see, Dayre is a place that many of us hold dear in our hearts.

It was here that we got to share snippets of our life like our obsessions together with fellow #dayrebeauty and #dayrefoodies.

It was on here that we penned down our biggest milestones so we won't forget a single minute of it - from saying "I do" to #dayrebrides, to creating our own nest at #dayrehomes and even caring for our little ones #dayremoms.

It was here on Dayre that many of us shared our darkest secrets and reached out for help, and in turn, getting advice from a community that was ever so ready and willing to give.

A community that we'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Dayre is not just another social media platform, it is like a second home to many of us.

@desmondkiu promised us on @desmondkiu:120617 that Nuffnang's goal is to keep Dayre alive, and implement a new bunch of features by July 2017. They asked for another chance and for us to invite those who had left Dayre to come back.

We're all holding onto your promise to keep Dayre alive.

Please don't kill it.

So...I'm better at #dayrefinance, so I've run some quick numbers.

Judging by some EP's numbers, there should be at least 3000 - 5000 active users here, if not more.

🔸 3000 users
🔸 SGD 50 (USD 37) a year i.e. just $4.20 per month
= S$150,000

If you've benefited from Dayre in any way...

- Perhaps you're a business owner who has seen increased sales and customers from your sharings on Dayre

- Perhaps you're a brand who has benefited from sponsoring Dayreans to promote your products...

- Perhaps you're a reader who benefited from the generous sharing on beauty tips / studies / job and career advice / finance hacks / investment tips / travel hacks ...

- Perhaps you've made valuable friends from Dayre whom you now meet up and hang out with in real life ...

You and I, we can show @blog that this community can keep Dayre alive.

We can show them that it is a BIG MISTAKE to shut down Dayre when there exists no other community or platform like us.

I've already bought Dayre Plus last year but I'm willing to pay another USD 37 just to keep Dayre alive again.

And if you love Dayre as much as I do, I urge you to help spread the word, sign the petition to show that you'll help, and together we can convince Netccentric that it will be a big mistake to shut Dayre down.

You and I, we can do this.


If we can get 3000 Dayreans to sign and raise that S$150k @blog says they need, then they'll have no other reason to shut us down anymore!

Please help to spread the word and tag your favourite Dayre influencers so we can get this ball rolling!

P.S. if this still fails and Netccentric insists on closing Dayre down, my last resort will be to take leave and spend it pitching to the different media agencies I know to see if a buy-out could be negotiated. BUT I can only do that if we have enough signatures on the petition so I can convince companies that Dayre is worth keeping and monetizing! Please help!

🔊 NO DONATIONS NEEDED FOR NOW! Just your signature, so I can show Netccentric / other investors that Dayre is worth keeping and viable to monetize!!!

(iPetition may solicit donations but I'm not collecting any now!!!)


Desmond has blogged that they're open to Dayre being acquired!!! I'm already putting together a pitch deck and in the midst of discussions with a potential investor so PLEASE HELP SIGN THE PETITION because if we don't have enough numbers, I can't prove to them that this community is strong enough to be worth investing in!!!!

Day 41

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

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mintyfizz (avatar)

mintyfizz Thank you for this! I've signed it! :)

11 months ago

caramelcamellia (avatar)

caramelcamellia Thanks for this! But thinking more Long term - CAN WE GODDAMN TAKE DAYRE OUT OF NETCCENTRIC’S HANDS. I mean come on they’re clearly not competent to run it...we’ll be throwing them $150k to do whattttt.

11 months ago

chasingwaterfalls (avatar)

chasingwaterfalls I've signed it! I think the page is a lil confusing, at the last part where it says our signature has been recorded, it also asks us for donations. Do you think some folks will mistake the money to go to Dayre? (It goes to iPetitions right?)

11 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @chasingwaterfalls OH good spot! yeah it's iPetitions asking for donations. I've edited it so hopefully it's clearer now! pls help spread the word, I hope we can reach 3000 signatures which I'll then send over to Netccentric directly!

11 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @mintyfizz please spread the word! I hope we can hit 3k so it'll be just about what Dayre says they need, they'll have no excuse to shut us down after!

@caramelcamellia given the short time frame this was the best I could think of :(

11 months ago

semicomplete (avatar)

semicomplete Signed it! Thanks for organising this!

Got to agree with @caramelcamellia though, it would be best if some other company took ownership of this platform.

11 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @semicomplete @caramelcamellia if you have any suggestions please email me at sgbudgetbarbie@gmail.com ! if Netccentric still doesn't want, I'll try to pitch to some other social media agencies in Singapore to see if buyout is possible, and the more signatures we have on that petition, the easier it will be for me to pitch it!

11 months ago

caramelcamellia (avatar)

caramelcamellia I think you’re doing a great job babe!!Will sign the petition! But yeah long-term its best somebody else runs it. Can’t say I have any better ideas or contacts, I wish I did. 😭

11 months ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Done! Thank u for this effort!

11 months ago

Dorothyxng (avatar)

Dorothyxng THANK U FOR DOING THIS 😭❤️ Really appreciate it!!!!

11 months ago

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