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updated 3 months ago

Ugh woke up this morning to find that what I thought was a mosquito bite has erupted into a huge, nasty red welt which is radiating heat and hot to the touch, not to mention EXTREMELY itchy.

my hubs says it might be a tree bug but has no idea how to treat it???

Baby Nate, are you learning how to social smile? 😀


So apparently this new app I downloaded for the #/DayreLipstickChallenge can change my hair colour too! So I played around with the different tones.

My (hair) life is boring - I've only ever tried black and brown hair, with brown to varying degrees.

Watched Aquaman and was inspired to dye my hair red but my MIL thinks I confirm cannot pull it off lol.

In Rime Ice (no idea what colours are in there lol)

In GeGe (lol what a name)

In Living

(yay or nay?)

In Ashy Pink

(omo this colour so pretty but I don't look like I can wear it well sia)

And in Pink!!

Look who went out for a shoot today! Ah baby Nate looks so good in these overalls that Cherie gifted him 😍

(spot the Harry Potter shirt wahaha)

and bumped into fellow momma @sabrinaseah !!

My CL asked me who's that and I was thinking, err how to explain Dayre ah? So I just said, Sabrina is my Internet Friend 😂

Dayre friends are special!!! I always feel like I really know the people here cos everyone is just so nice and real? There's hardly any curation here - the ups and downs and struggles, those are always shared so honestly and openly here!

omg my arms are really huge 😕 confinement served me well cos two months of nutritious foods, soups and having a CL help so I can focus on resting + breastfeeding has also meant that I've been so well taken care of that I've gotten fat 😕

Can't wait to get back into running, swimming and dancing again! I need my exercise!

Day 6

Sunday, 6 Jan 2019

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aloe13 (avatar)

aloe13 Take an antihistamine quickly!

3 months ago

jesstea (avatar)

jesstea Yes 2nd tat! Take a antihistamine immediately. If u ve ice pad, ice the area.

3 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @aloe13 @jesstea ah where can I get them? over the counter pharmacy, or need to see doctor? and are they breastfeeding safe??

3 months ago

appledesu (avatar)

appledesu Omg ur baby really super cute sia ♥️

3 months ago

jesstea (avatar)

jesstea Antihistamine brands like Zyrtec, Clarinase r otc. I googled n apparently Zyrtec is safe for BF mums but u can double check with the Pharmacist.

3 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @jesstea I just got one from the pharmacy at your recommendation! THANK YOU! 🙏

3 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @appledesu Hehe he's cute when he doesn't cry and is awake playing 😂

3 months ago

aloe13 (avatar)

aloe13 Oops too late sorry! The doctor also told me to try to take cool baths and avoid activities that’d make me perspire. Which is quite difficult to do in Sg 😅

3 months ago

sabrinaseah (avatar)

sabrinaseah Nice to see u and baby Nate 💕😍 He is so handsome! Big charming eyes 😁

3 months ago

yieng (avatar)

yieng The first hair dye colour really suits u leh!! And baby nate is so adorable!!

3 months ago

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