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I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyy 🎶


Sometimes I'm a wriggly worm.

My little 👶 VIP here now has a few new antics:

🐨 wants to be carried + walk around the house all the time. No you can't sit down to rest while carrying him, or he'll fuss 😂

🍼 started rejecting the bottle and only wants to drink from momma's boobies. Oh dear. Doesn't help that I've low supply, so he's pretty hangry often when his milk source runs out of milk.

Before anyone tells me that the boobs never run dry and will always have milk as long as baby sucks,

Trust me, I used to think so too, but reality proved me otherwise 😢

There always comes a point where baby Nate is still hungry even after drinking both boobs, and I let him latch on,

He tries and suckles as hard as he can, makes the "urghhh" sound as he violently shakes his head and pulls back to try and get more milk,

(yes, OUCH for my poor nipple but thank goodness)

but cos there's still none (or not good enough for him), he unlatches and cries out loud.

I latch him back again and the whole process repeats,

until I give up after he has latched and unlatched 3 times...and we give him formula / expressed breastmilk so we can coax this hangry baby.

Yes it's tiring,
it's painful,


1.5 months left to go before my maternity leave is over, so that means 1.5 more months for me to try!


Even as I try my best to boost my supply, I can't help but realise what a privilege we Singaporean mothers enjoy.

To have 4 months of paid maternity leave, giving us time (and income) to adapt to our new role of being a 🐮 and learn how to take care of our baby by ourselves.

If I had to work while doing all this, I definitely wouldn't be able to keep up the constant latching + pumping every 3 hours. Add on work stress and who knows what will happen to my already low supply.

This is a privilege not everyone gets, and not in every country.

I'm thankful to our government for enforcing this law to help us working mothers.

Now please do more to protect our Singaporean sons in NS too, please.


I also can't help but feel we've just been incredibly blessed on this whole breastfeeding journey.

Yes, it's painful and tiring.
It has been a journey filled with much frustrations, tears, sweat and breakdowns.
It's a little embarrassing to admit that I don't produce enough for my baby,

but through these obstacles, we've come to encounter the kindness of so many people - from strangers to brands - to help us on this journey.

If I was an oversupply momma, perhaps I wouldn't come to see the goodness of so many people's hearts, and their sincerity in wanting to help.

Once upon a time my sense of achievement came from my grades,

then it became my career milestones,

but these days I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see his milk drunk face from drinking at my boobs. It doesn't happen often, but I live for these 1 in 3 days when it does.

One of the recent sponsorships we received is from the good folks at Singapore Lactation Bakes, who heard about my breastfeeding woes and undersupply and have come forth wanting to support a part of Operation Boost SGBB Breastmilk for Baby Nate.

As you guys know, I first started eating their lactation cookies when my neighbour gave me some to try after I had hit full term of my pregnancy (it is safe to eat AFTER 37 weeks but not before). Later on, @fionasoh very kindly gifted me a care pack of their cookies after baby Nate was born, and after researching on her own accord which brand was best and highly raved for boosting breastmilk. Another reader also gifted me SLB cookies later on! Omg everyone is too nice alr man.

I'm really excited cos this is one of the partnerships I always said I'd wish to get?!?
- it has to be a fit
- I'll willingly pay for it even if I wasn't sponsored

This one comes at a timely season of my life as well and I cannot be more grateful. The best part is, they've given me free rein to review their cookies / muffins / brownies / cookie cups so I get to post real, independent reviews, while having my supply of galactagogues sponsored to help me on this breastfeeding journey.

I'll be very honest - the taste did take me some getting used to in the beginning, especially if you're used to cookies with a lot of sugar (eg. Famous Amos), but now I really love munching on these cookies 😂 it's quite addictive even!

Many thanks to my neighbour Germaine for helping to recommend me and suggesting me for the sponsorship! This is one of the best collaborations I could have asked for man!

It'll be too selfish for me to keep all the goodies for myself, so I specially requested that they include in our collaboration terms some goodies for me to share with my readers as giveaways as well!

I've just kickstarted the first giveaway on my Instagram - have chosen to give away my favourite flavours of 500g of dark chocolate macadamia cookies 🍪 and 2 almond brownies for a lucky reader to try i.e. it's TWO WEEKS worth of supply for me!

Hope this will bless you fellow mummies too!

P.S. Also another giveaway on my IG i.e. $30 cash voucher for 100 lucky winners together with SingSaver! You have a 1 in 1.5 chance of winning if you participate now, so GO GO GO!

(This is the only giveaway SingSaver is running as part of their airmiles vs cashback campaign that doesn't require any credit card sign-ups. Yes, I was the one who proposed such a IG giveaway for y'all without any conditions tied 😜 not kidding! so please go participate okay! :) )

Trying to make baby Nate play in his play gym, but he can't be bothered to reach out and touch the toys 😪 @Pearberry how did you do it sia!

Day 26

Saturday, 26 Jan 2019

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Bianbianmeow (avatar)

Bianbianmeow Nate looked so happy in all photos!! 😍

6 months ago

Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry rattle the toys so that they make sounds and teach him how to play with them! I put baby at his play gym everyday so he slowly started playing with it. He also stared blankly at it in the beginning 🤣 soon, baby Nate will learn how to play with it!

6 months ago

geejane (avatar)

geejane Don’t worry, he will learn how to play with the play gym soon! You will probably tear the first time he reaches out to grab something 😂

6 months ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii I've the same play gym, the toys are a bit high so it will take awhile for them to reach and play. But soon soon!! He will start grabbing on things really soon!

6 months ago

purrfecc (avatar)

purrfecc ive been doing the playgym pretty consistently but my baby also no interest, worse still cries at times because she hates it. have tried two gyms with her :/

6 months ago

lalaarh (avatar)

lalaarh Nate has beautiful eyessss

6 months ago

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