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Every morning at about 8am, baby Nate wakes up and is wide awake from his restful sleep during the night.

And every morning for the last few weeks, I've been smiling at him when this happens, saying in a high and chirpy voice,

Good morning! 😀

with a big wide silly grin on my face (because he's so cute in the mornings) and as I try to teach him how to smile back at me.

My friend's baby reached this milestone at Week 6 so I was fretting a little because Nate is at Week 7 now, but not yet worried because I don't wanna rush anything and leave it to him to develop at his own pace. After all, it's only a guideline and not a competition. Every baby is different.

So imagine my joy when Nate finally, FINALLY smiled back at me this morning!

At first I thought it was just a reflex, so I tried again, and YESSSSS he smiled back! Multiple times in fact!

Omo his toothless grin is just absolutely ADORABLE.

how do I leave him now to head to SGX and conduct the investment workshop ah? 😂 I feel like I could stay home with him all day today and just keep smiling back and forth!! #clingymom

Omg I'll be training almost 400 people for the SGX webinar later 😱

I think this is my biggest turnout for a solo talk, ever?!? 😭 thank you for the support guys!!!


Ended the talk! I think that was my most technical talk ever? So much mathematics!!! 😂😂

I've covered 7 methods of calculations I use to analyse stocks and what price to get them for, so I hope those who tuned into the webinar walked away with lots of info and learnings!!! Haha a fraction of those stuff are taught at one course I know (and don't recommend) for $4000+ lor 😑 can you just imagine, zzz

Also just had lunch with YouTrip!

I've seen the live demo, asked lots of questions regarding security, and have a better idea of them now! I'm applying for my card soon and will review and share once I've tested it out okay :)

Just bought a chio nursing dress for myself for CNY!

The old Budget Babe would think twice and thrice over paying anything more than $25 for a dress, but alas, how motherhood has changed me!

I'm now in the world where my fashion choices are limited to nursing wears, and $25 is almost unheard of 😅 for a top maybe, but most definitely not a good dress.

At least the dress I carted out from Dear Collective is super gorgeous?!? #selfconsole

My husband is injured, AGAIN.

He sprained his back again and now has trouble lifting baby Nate from his cot, so guess who has to help with the 2 / 3am night feed now as well?


What's worse is that I've also now been sick for...3 days? Ever since Mdm Iza left la basically. Cos I screamed my lungs out from the sheer pain throughout the entire session, which led to a sore throat, which has now developed into a cold? Got dry cough and runny / blocked nose also.

I can't get ample rest either cos need to latch and feed baby every 2 hours 😩 it feels like the moment I've laid down for a nap, a few min later he's crying for milk again.

But you know what's worse?

Not being able to spam lozenges for my throat

Cos menthol is a milk killer, apparently, and almost every lozenges contains menthol or peppermint in its ingredients 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭

I went to the pharmacist and guess what she told me?

Just bear with it.

There's apparently no lozenges which have been tested and proven safe for breastfeeding mothers...because it's unethical to conduct such studies anyway, she explained.


Okay bye, time to power pump. Such is the life of a 🐮.


Day 9

Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019

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candiceq (avatar)

candiceq Yes yes, just one smile to keep us going!! Every morning, afternoon and night, Baby Nate will be smiling at you!

3 months ago

denisetaytay (avatar)

denisetaytay Yayyy! Can’t wait to see a photo of him smiling!

3 months ago

mygrowingupdays (avatar)

mygrowingupdays Yeah!! All is that one (conscious) smile from the little one and all tiredness/pumping/interrupted sleep is worth it- for that moment at least! :)

3 months ago

seraph (avatar)

seraph Yes! Our baby’s smile does worth a thousand watt energy to boost our tired body n soul... esp so if like my baby, who already has a RBF at such a young age... 😂

3 months ago

checklistmonster (avatar)

checklistmonster baby nate is charming!

3 months ago

summerlovee (avatar)

summerlovee Apologies if this is the wrong medium to ask, but do you believe in technical analysis?

3 months ago

yieng (avatar)

yieng Spam on honey!! Hope you'll get well soon :)

3 months ago

nuadiver (avatar)

nuadiver Get well soon dear! Hugs

3 months ago

eely3 (avatar)

eely3 Not sure if this helps u for now. When I was close to getting sore throat I tried gargling antiseptic mouth wash. I had the Difflam one (think any brands should be fine). I can’t rmb how long after I felt better but it did help to relieve and then it just went away.

3 months ago

eely3 (avatar)

eely3 And also not sure if it’s safe for breastfeeding mothers too so u might need to check.

3 months ago

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