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updated 11 months ago


Dear Dayre community,

Good news! Desmond has replied me and I've linked him up with 2 buyers.

Fingers crossed that they work something out!

I initially managed to get more investors in the last 3 days - 7 CEOs and 2 VCs, to be exact.

Unfortunately, the price that was quoted was too high for the other investors so they pulled out before I could link them up.

Nonetheless, with the ones I've sent over, I hope @blog manages to find a way to save Dayre!!

And as stated @desmondkiu , if all else fails, please come back to me and I'll try to work something else out.



I just got 2 more investors / buyers 😈

See, Dayre is worth so much more than to just kill it off like that.

Day 44

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018

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twinkles (avatar)

twinkles !!!!!!! Hooray that’s excellent news!!!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!!!!

11 months ago

littlemisshappygrumps (avatar)

littlemisshappygrumps really really hoping that all these work done will not be in vain! thanks sgbb! 💪💪 it's late, do get some rest!

11 months ago

foundintheecho (avatar)

foundintheecho that's amazing!

11 months ago

prisylala (avatar)

prisylala 💪💪💪💪💪💪

11 months ago

hzmz_ (avatar)

hzmz_ Thank you so much!!!!!!!

11 months ago

flowerie123 (avatar)

flowerie123 Thanks for all the hard work! *keeping our fingers crossed now*

11 months ago

coffeetalkandcrimes (avatar)

coffeetalkandcrimes I wonder why the price is high considering they give no fucks about this place and yknow are actually bleeding cash at this rate. They pretending ppl dunno how to count issit? 🙃

11 months ago

binxue (avatar)

binxue Omg u r amazeballs!!!! 😘😘😘😘 thank you!

11 months ago

gnatuy (avatar)

gnatuy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 thank you and jiayou!!

11 months ago

emilee (avatar)

emilee I don’t understand. How much can be a closing down company worth? They close the App, they get none from it, they sell it, they get some from it.

Fernandez bought Airasia at RM0.50.

11 months ago

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