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PSA: Baby Sales & Credit Card Deals!

From happy

to serious

to 100 real quick.


SGX Investment Workshop tomorrow!

Teaching this tomorrow! Free investment class #dayrefinance

Lol I committed to this last year thinking I'll be super free during my maternity after the first month of confinement... I WAS SO WRONG 😂😂😂

Got two more talks to give this month haha GG wish me good luck, may my boobies survive the full-day conferences 😂

Finally got to try the new Macs pandan cone. Looks nice, but tastes weird. Mmm.


Brought @nite_stars with me to the Mothercare sale today! I got a media invite to check out the sales first hand - some of the deals are damn good?!??!??

Got Melissa shoes on sale also!!!!
Breast pump offers,
1 for 1 on all B&B stuff 😨😱 (I stocked up on those)
Cotton balls cheaper than Pigeon
Crazy deals on Tula and Ergobaby?!

Videos of the sales on my IG Stories!

I went home with a big big bag lol.

Up to 70% off for Mothercare sales open to public 10 - 13 Jan!

Our combined loots from the sale haha

Lemme post some of the deals I spotted:

$49 Mothercare baby carrier (was $99)

$149 Ergobaby 360 baby carrier (was $269)

$99 Mothercare Madrid carseat (was $229)

$159 Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Kit (was $482)

$169 Philips Avent Food Maker with bowls + plates + weaning set + Tommee Tippee bottles (was $239)

$399 Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump (was $599)

$209 Tula Standard Carrier with free $70 infant insert (was $279)

Stokke and Jujube also on sale but I refuse to start buying otherwise I sure cannot stop also, so I shall not even tempt myself 😂

Playgro toys buy 2 get 1 free

The toys I was eyeing, but I scared Nate will get too many toys gifted to him during his 100-days party next month so I shall wait first.

I really want this portable chalkboard kit! But 24+ months leh?!? Nate is still so young zzz and we have no space at home to stock so early in advance since living with my in-laws #theirspacenotmyspace #surekenaifibuyagain

Some of the other deals!


#dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Anyone going Baby Fair Expo this weekend too ? 🙋

Saw that lots of brands are gonna be there exhibiting so I'm gonna pop by to restock baby stuff and grab a few more nursing dresses!

Anyway one of my fav diaper brands, Rascal and Friends (super famous in New Zealand), is gonna be there as well! I'm heading over to buy some and stock up for baby Nate. Seriously you guys have to try it to believe it. I already recommended my best friend to purchase and gave her one to try and she loves it too!

I reached out to them to ask if I could reserve some for my friends to try (since their stocks are running low), and thankfully they agreed to give some to my readers! Perks of being a writer? 😅 but I'm not sponsored hor.

If you're attending the fair, quote sgbudgetbabe at their booth or fill up this form to claim a free sample pack! First come first served.


P.S. #notsponsored #notpaid #goodthingsmustshare #idonothaveaccesstotheform

OH OH I also saw this on sale at Guardian!! Super worth it?! I stocked up another set after saying bye to @nite_stars lol.

I've tried all these brands + Pampers before! #obsessedmom lol cos Nate has super sensitive skin that gets red and diaper rash really easily @Triplechoc

Will review them another time SOON when I've more time to spare okay, but for 💩 poonamis, R+F is the only one that doesn't leak even when Nate takes a MASSIVE watery poop.

Remember his poop that soaked through from this entry? @sgbudgetbabe:141218

Latched baby Nate immediately upon coming home but he didn't clear finish my boob so I had to pump.

And after 30 min this is all I have to show leh? 30ml.

so sian. At this rate, not sure if I will have enough to accumulate in the fridge so baby Nate can drink when I go back to work 😩

Since I'm on the topic about PSAs for this week, thought I might as well share about my latest blog post as well.

SingSaver Contest ($$$ up for grabs!)

For those of you looking to get a credit card / revamp your credit cards for 2019, do join the SingSaver campaign that's featuring a showdown between Team airmiles and Team cashback right now!

I'm obviously on #TeamCashback 😂 I mean, I've written an entire 50+ pages of a guidebook on it and also developed an app to track my cards 😂😂 say I'm not obsessed lol.

Was chatting with a reader today who told me that my app has been a great help to her as well, and these messages really make my day! Makes all the hours and late nights pouring over data and creating excel sheets even more worth it :')

The SGBB Cashback App covers ALL the cashback cards in the market (yes, I studied even the ones I don't own) so feel free to use it cos it's FREE!!! I don't earn a single cent ya. And any ad revenue generated goes to my developer only as a thanks 😊

It really warms my heart when readers tell me my works have helped or benefited them. Especially considering most of my articles are really written out of passion and not for money (very few sponsored posts).

Anyway details of the game contest are on my blog!

There's also a $888 Facebook contest where you can still be part of the fun by commenting whether you're on #TeamCashback or #TeamAirmiles , and why.

The most creative 3 answers walk away with $888 each!!!! 😱😱😱

To help y'all on #TeamCashback out, I will also be coming up with a few posts over the next few weeks on why cashback is so much better.

Don't get me wrong, miles are great too, but when it comes to pick a side, I'm always gonna choose cashback over miles.

Y'all can stay tuned to those posts and feel free to copy paste my arguments as your contest entries!! 😂 not bad right, got cheat sheet somemore 😂😂😂

In the name of remaining objective (even though I'm obviously leaning towards cashback), I will also share more about the differences between both soon,

which you should choose,

and what type of people are suitable for playing the miles game.

(there are certain profiles of people who will definitely be better off with miles than cashback. I'll explain more shortly.)

Full disclosure: These posts are not paid either but the website contains affiliate links should you choose to sign up through my link. All affiliate payments go towards maintenance of the blog, especially as I reject most sponsored posts (just rejected another one by a financial institution today trying to leverage my blog to target my readers and sell them unit trusts. Thanks but no thanks, I don't wanna recommend my readers those stuff cos it just isn't worth it imo?) .

I've also calculated and one way of looking at this contest is, if you apply for the AMEX True Cashback + Citi Cash Back Card + HSBC Advance,

You could get $650 without doing anything else?!?

Breakdown : $500 + ($50 X 3) = $650 if you're on the winning team

Okay it's midnight so time for me to pump again. Will write more soon!

Day 8

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019

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nuadiver (avatar)

nuadiver 😂 so cute !!!

3 months ago

candiceq (avatar)

candiceq 😍😍😍

3 months ago

20thoctober (avatar)

20thoctober Baby Nate can win Oscar award already! 😘

3 months ago

Triplechoc (avatar)

Triplechoc hi dawn, have you tried other brands of diapers before? how does R&F compare to them?

3 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @Triplechoc have! u wanna see my collection of what I've tried before? hold on lemme find and upload the pic 😂 that's why I say Rascals is good!

3 months ago

jereminepoh (avatar)

jereminepoh can only apply 1 card from the promo.

3 months ago

yimintee (avatar)

yimintee hi dawn! what do you think of UOB lady's cc?

3 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @jereminepoh huh? no leh you can apply for multiple! I've also just double confirmed with the SingSaver team after your comment. where did you get that impression from?

3 months ago

mscherieeeee (avatar)

mscherieeeee Hi, may I know if is safe to sign with SingSaver? Do they sell our details and particulars to 3rd party?

3 months ago

jereminepoh (avatar)

jereminepoh @sgbudgetbabe it states "a card" from winning team.. so i thought only choode one to sign

3 months ago

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