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My First

I'm good at keeping other people's secrets but terrible at keeping my own.

Cos now I've fallen in love...

with someone I haven't even met.

And you've been the hardest secret to keep!

I've been nauseous since you were 5 weeks old but if that's what it takes for you to grow strong and healthy, I'll suck thumb and deal with it.

Even though I can no longer lie flat on my bed and gotta have my trusty vomit pail by my side.

I'd never thought I'd find my favorite beef disgusting, but now I do and they make me wanna throw up. The same goes for pork, and almost all meat actually. Do you not like meat? 😯 but, but...your papa and mama love their steak!!!

In the beginning, while you were tiny, I could barely even eat anything! But I had such an indescribable craving for soup that your grandparents and your daddy were feeding me Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, herbal chicken soup, beef soup, mushroom soup and so much soup.

We joked that you must be a soup baby 😂

And you came when we least expected you, right in the middle of #/saveDayre !


Confinement nannies?

Anti-climax a bit: we're freaking out cos almost all the confinement nannies we asked are already fully booked for the end of the year!! 😱😱

anyone has any recommendations for good ones please, we're looking for a stay-in nanny who will also cook and teach us how to take care of baby cos we're totally clueless!

#dayrepregnancy #dayremums help!

Pregnancy tips

Also, as this is my first, honestly N and I are really clueless on what to do. What to eat, what not to eat, etc. Yesterday we just discovered that I can't eat or drink coconut, say what!

So if y'all have any pregnancy tips to send our way, please feel free to share!!! We could definitely use all the help we can get!

I wanna eat my salmon sashimi and smoked salmon but also I've been banned from it by my gynae and family 😩 anything for you, baby!

Day 133

Sunday, 13 May 2018

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Sammiesaut (avatar)

Sammiesaut you are making me excited. 🤣 are you...

9 months ago

lavenderstory (avatar)

lavenderstory Omg!! 🎉🎉

9 months ago

jcaelyn (avatar)

jcaelyn 🎉🎉🎉

9 months ago

fivefeetfive (avatar)

fivefeetfive Omg!!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to u?!

9 months ago

fidtan (avatar)

fidtan Congrats!!

9 months ago

Stardreamz (avatar)

Stardreamz Omg omg! is it what we are thinking?

9 months ago

tianl (avatar)

tianl Haha I kinda suspected it!! Congrats!!

9 months ago

checklistmonster (avatar)

checklistmonster Congratulations!!!

9 months ago

bloopltbloop (avatar)

bloopltbloop congrats dawn!

9 months ago

vineyards (avatar)

vineyards OooOooooooo

9 months ago

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