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Don't waste money on Valentine's Day lah

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some of you might have already seen my interview on Lianhe Zaobao last week regarding how to celebrate Valentine's Day without burning a hole in your wallet, but for those who didn't (including the Dayre reader who couldn't read the Chinese words), here's a translation and summary for you guys!

I'm all for celebrating love but I don't believe in splurging for this one day which has become just another excuse for many vendors to capitalise on as they mark up their prices. Still, if you're celebrating this special day, here are some tips I shared.

1. Avoid dining out at restaurants and consider homemade dinners instead.

Many restaurants, and service providers catering to couples, tend to mark up their prices for Valentine's Day specials.

I've always told my fiance to not bring me out for dinners on V Day. Instead, we've been preparing homemade meals instead (no candlelights cos we're not romantic lol but you can buy them for $2 from Daiso if you wanna create a romantic atmosphere at home la).

Just google recipes online! We tend to make steak, pasta, mashed potatoes or fries, etc. Nothing too difficult.

2. Substitute overpriced roses with handmade ones (or artificial ones that last forever).

Tell your partner that the artificial rose represents how your love for them will never die 😂

Roses are marked up on this special occasion based on simple demand and supply rules. I never really liked paying too much for flowers too often anyway, since they don't really last. I rather spend the money on something more practical or lasting.

If you still wanna stick with roses, what about folding your own instead? It is also more sincere than something you bought off the shelves.

Other than roses, handmade chocolates or cards are equally as meaningful!

How to fold your own origami roses.

3. Celebrate Valentine's Day on another date

When you're with the one you love, everyday should feel like Valentine's Day, isn't it?

Why wait until 14 Feb to tell them you love them, when there are 364 other days for you to do so?

If you don't mind celebrating a bit earlier or later, you'll be able to save quite a bit!

What N is getting from me:

Love their designs and affordability! There are cheaper cufflinks on the market especially online but the quality isn't always as good so I went with them.

Look at how cute and affordable these ironman cufflinks are! I wanted to get it for myself but girls don't wear cufflinks leh

Eventually decided on this for N cos it is practical given his line of work. Also, the Ironman ones were cute but not exactly professionally suitable since he doesn't work in the creative line! If your partner works in advertising or digital I think those would be great? Haha.

I'm not good with taking photos so I hope this photo does it justice, haha. Can?

What other wallet-friendly gifts are you guys gifting your partner? 💖

N bought a pinata cake for me as my gift this year! Basically my friend owns this bakery shop with her mom and shared it on Facebook so we decided to support her. Spend money on friends still ok bah.

Although it is quite a marketing gimmick ($39.90 for a small cake + 1 rose + delivery), I don't really need to sting if our money goes towards supporting a friend in her business la. What more someone whom I've known for almost a decade!

So this is our Valentine bundle all in a single photo - with the exception of my engagement ring of cos la.

No filter needed because the cake is really quite pretty! I love the ombre pink flower omg can't bear to eat it actually. Anyone knows what's the name of this flower?

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Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017

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phncx (avatar)

phncx You can wear cufflinks too :) Just get a French cuff shirt.

2 years ago

coffeeluvs (avatar)

coffeeluvs I haven't even bought Valentine's Day gift!

2 years ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @phncx ooh thanks for the tip! I'm quite noob leh what are French cuff shirts and what should I pair it with? Lol totally not fashion blogger here

@coffeeluvs what about the ironman cuff links!!! I like them so much omg I really feel like buying them for myself if I can wear it like what phncx mentioned above!

2 years ago

phncx (avatar)

phncx They're just regular long sleeved button up shirts 😂 Only thing is that the cuffs are French cuffs, which means there are no buttons, so you'll need cufflinks 😊

2 years ago

cherylwyr (avatar)

cherylwyr Omg your engagement ring looks pretty!

2 years ago

joycetoh (avatar)

joycetoh the cake really looks damn awesome man!!

2 years ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @joycetoh flavour quite normal sponge cake, I guess it is the novelty of a piñata cake though? Can't bear to eat the pretty flowers lol

2 years ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @phncx ahh you're tempting me to buy a French cuff shirt with the ironman cuff links now!! 😂

@cherylwyr it is right! I absolutely adore it

2 years ago

missy_xl (avatar)

missy_xl Hi, may i know where can i order the cake?

2 years ago

enchantress (avatar)

enchantress mind share the retail name of your engagement ring? is it made of lab diamond?

2 years ago

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