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updated 6 months ago

Is baby Nate leaping?

A few days ago he REFUSED the bottle and I was dying because all he wanted was to latch all.the.time.

Even when I had no more milk!!!! Then he would cry and protest while jerking his head and pulling (MY NIPPLE OUCHH) for more milk. And cry and be inconsolable because he STILL didn't want the bottle and only me. I died that day.

Then came yesterday where he did a 180 degree change and now ONLY WANTED THE BOTTLE AND NOT LATCH.

I tried to latch him numerous times still cos he's better at clearing my boob than my pump / hand express, but he BIT ME.


We tried again after feeding him 100ml, since my MIL guessed that he was really hungry and thus was HANGRY so he didn't want to latch and kept biting me + unlatch + latch and bite and unlatch.


Wahlau I think now my iron steel nipples also not enough. I need DIAMOND NIPPLES.

(Then when he starts teething it'll be kryptonite nipples? Omggggg)

And then came last night! Where he latched on for 5 min, but I unlatched him after and passed to my hubs for night duty cos he already made 100ml of formula milk, don't wanna waste.

But baby Nate REFUSED the bottle that my husband made for him and didn't come back for my boobs. Instead he fell asleep till 10am this morning.

The face of my little biter. Not at all guilty, this one!

Who, me?

Fatter arms.
Thunder thighs.
Wider hips.
A mum tum where my abs used to be.

Is this my motherhood?

Hehe baby Nate is so excited over the angpaos that SGX sent me.

They sent me too many though!!!!! Probably will give some of these away soon cos I can't use so many!

Day 31

Thursday, 31 Jan 2019

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bestdressed (avatar)

bestdressed baby nate is too cute!! 😍

6 months ago

hansliana (avatar)

hansliana When my LO was 4 months old, the only way to get him to drink was put him on a surface (ours a bit inclined), 2 ppl hold his hands, and pat shoulder rhythmically, while singing song. haih. lol

6 months ago

fionasoh (avatar)

fionasoh His so cute 😍 How to be angry at this lil one w that face???

6 months ago

reniceeeee (avatar)

reniceeeee So cute 😍

6 months ago

nuadiver (avatar)

nuadiver How to be angry with that face ? 😂 prolly just angry 5 secs!

6 months ago

Bianbianmeow (avatar)

Bianbianmeow Nate’s eyes so big!!! 😍 can’t wait to meet u!!

6 months ago

highvoltage (avatar)

highvoltage Aaaawwww! Can’t blame him with that cutie face! 😍😬

6 months ago

mygrowingupdays (avatar)

mygrowingupdays This Nate so cute how you bear to scold one.

6 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @mygrowingupdays his mummy work so hard to feed him breastmilk how he bear to bite one

6 months ago

geminidoc (avatar)

geminidoc His cutie face... So guilt free looking sure cannot scold d.

And Omg the angpow sooooo pretty! Hope to have them. 😂

6 months ago

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