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Omg guys I've been flooded with so many IG messages and emails from you guys asking me what's happening to Dayre, so I've written a full response on my Facebook!Not gonna reproduce it in full again here so you can head over there to read, but like I've said on @sgbudgetbabe:140318, a deal is already on the table.My guess is the Dayre servers went down for the past 2 days and that's what I've been telling you guys. So PLEASE DONT PANIC OK THIS IS NOT THE END I DIDNT WORK SO HARD FOR NOTHING.

February 2018

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behind the scenes of #saveDayre

I've been getting lots of questions on #saveDayre , but I hope you guys can understand that I may not be able to disclose too much at this point in time while the negotiations are still underway! Instead, I thought it'll be better for me to share about how my conversations with the investors were like!


Dear Dayre community, Good news! Desmond has replied me and I've linked him up with 2 buyers. Fingers crossed that they work something out!I initially managed to get more investors in the last 3 days - 7 CEOs and 2 VCs, to be exact.Unfortunately, the price that was quoted was too high for the other investors so they pulled out before I could link them up. Nonetheless, with the ones I've sent over, I hope @blog manages to find a way to save Dayre!!

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Quick update on #saveDayre before I crash (it's 5.30am now 😩):✔ Investor pitch deck done✔ Linked up with 1 CEO to discuss potential buyout of Dayre We're at 2000 signatures now which roughly equates to S$100,000 worth of Dayre Plus subscriptions from you guys to keep this app going.This is NOT about raising the money from you guys at this stage. The signatures are what we need to show the world and investors that hey, look at these numbers, Dayre is worth saving.

January 2018

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