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Kill Me Heal Me


I'm a bit late to the game cos this is an old show lol (my MIL walked in when I was watching and was like Huh why u only watching now. Then I asked her, nice or not? And she said very nice!) but only came to know of it cos a reader aka fellow k-drama lover Alicia introduced this to me when we were chatting on IG after I gave her the Park Bo Gum cards sent to me by Viu!

Was telling her she MUST MUST watch Innocent Defendant if she has the time, cos the script and main leads' acting really very power, and she was like omg that lead acted in another show also very nice called Kill Me Heal Me.

I went to read and the synopsis said it was about multiple personality disorder so WAHHHH okay let's watch! Anyway The Empress Dignity was taking too long since not all the episodes are out yet, so might as well hor.

Innocent Defendant

Third best show I watched in 2018. (1st is While You Were Sleeping, 2nd is Go Back Couple)

This one the script will leave you flabbergasted. No kidding. I totally didn't expect any of the plot twists, and I'm actually pretty good at predicting plot twists given how many dramas I've watched and stories I've read...

I must thank my MIL for watching this show on Channel U since episode 1 haha but sorry ma I was too anxious I went to stream everything on Viu and watched finish before you cos cannot wait 😂😂 she was going crazy because she didn't want spoilers but yet couldn't stop herself from asking me to tell her the ending then while I was telling her halfway she would say okay stop I don't wanna spoil it for myself and walk away HAHAHAHAHA.

Kill Me Heal Me

The cover pic for KILL ME HEAL ME looks so old school but the script is MINDBLOWING and if after watching this Ji Sung doesnt immediately go on your list as Korea's #1 actor then please tell me who's better than him 😱😱 I used to think Gong Yoo was Korea's most talented actor but not anymore!!! That title deservedly goes to Ji Sung!!!!

He REALLY plays all 7 personalities so damn well and if not for the face, you'll be fooled into thinking they're ready 7 different people!!!!

I can't decide which is my fav. Soft spot for Yo Sub cos he's dressed like Harry Potter lol, Perry Park is just downright lovable, but Shin Se Gi keeps me on the edge everytime he appears.

But Yo Na is the MOST HILARIOUS HAHAHHAHA everytime she appears I can't stop laughing!!!!

Errrrr how to rave without giving away spoilers ah hahah but I'LL TRY COS YALL REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS.

(typing in caps cos I'm so excited and screaming in my head lol siao char bo)

So basically the main lead, Cha Do Hyun, has split personality disorder due to his childhood trauma. His mind broke itself up into 7 pieces as a form of self-preservation and to protect him from the pain. When he "changes" into another personality, the original Cha Do Hyun has no idea of what happened at all.

He's sick of being a monster and despite seeking treatment from one of Korea's best psychiatrists for 11 years, he's still not healed.

Plot twist: none of the 7 personalities are him but all of them are him.


Also, initially I couldnt understand how come each of the personalities had such distinct names, but once you learn the backstory behind all of them, IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

I think I cried the most during Perry Park's backstory, and then again behind Nana 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Fun fact: the best couple award that year went to this pair 😂😂😂


@prisylala this is the main lead in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim!! TRUST ME AND WATCH THIS SHOW YOU WILL LOVE HIM EVEN MORE.

Wah I don't think I've ever had second-lead syndrome as badly as I did for this show. I WANTED HER TO END UP WITH HIM TOO 😭😭😭😭


LOL I've only watched this and I'm A Robot and The Empress Dignity (which I still haven't finished lol) but I highly doubt any other drama in 2019 will blow my socks off like this one did.


Okay no more siao char bo already for today haha this side of me is damn rare 😂 triggered by the end of Kill Me Heal Me cos I'M SO SAD IT'S OVER.

Going off to bathe baby Nate now then it's time to make my way down for the TMC talk + investment talk later on! Tatas!

Okay long journey to Suntec so gonna rave about something else right now - PADDY HILLS BUFFET!!!

I blame Fiona for getting me addicted cos I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT THE MEAL.

🔥 disclaimer : I went there for a media tasting #sponsored . It was so good that we're gonna go back again as paying customers 😍😋

We tried almost every dish just so we could do this review 😂

Video of our spread:


The decor that greeted us when we walked in.

Our spread!

Okay I'll review them in order as per the menu

Worth every single cent!!! If you wanna take your other half out for a good meal please bring them to Paddy Hills instead of a lousy overpriced hotel restaurant like I did okay 😕 I paid $80 for each of us on my hub's birthday and the buffet spread at the hotel was pretty crap imo. I'd much rather go for Paddy Hills twice!!!

Oysters: I dunno what kind of berry is used to make those bubbles but it's super sweet and tangy at the same time. And the oysters? SUPER BIG AND FRESH OMG OT TASTED OF THE SEA but because it was paired with those berry bubbles thingy, the taste was very well balanced! You know how some buffets serve up damn lousy oysters hor cos buffet? So this one really caught me by surprise!! *slurps*

Shrimp toast : not bad! Nice but not particularly memorable.

Potato salad : I'm not a fan of potato salad la so this didn't really impress me either. I prefer pasta salad haha.

Kimchi dumplings : surprisingly really really nice! Kinda like gyoza but very generous with the kimchi inside too, and not overly spicy! I didn't even need a drink after eating this haha.

Shepard's pie : I would suggest skipping this unless you got a lot of space in your tummy for the other dishes. The staff bluff me leh, I asked if this was big and they said no la very small only. So I ordered lor. And guess what? So big and filling (carbs mah) that we couldn't even finish half cos there was so much left to eat for the other dishes!

黑 rice : SIGNATURE ITEM. MUST TRY MUST EAT MUST ORDER. we ordered two servings lol. The rice very nice leh it's not those kind of mushy risotto style but more of each grain standing out by itself while being moist enough with whatever broth (I don't believe it's just squid ink cos confirm got some other secret ingredient de!!) it was cooked with to stick to each other a bit also. I WILL TOTALLY GO BACK FOR PADDY HILLS JUST FOR THIS.

Maple sausages: pretty nice on its own and no the maple isn't overly sweet, but when you pair it with the other star dishes then sorry this one takes a bit of a backseat

Christmas skewers: erm honestly this was quite forgettable to me. Heng it was only one skewer stick.

Drumstick: also nice on its own but doesn't stand out when contrasted with the rest cos the other dishes too good already.

Skewered Japanese hotate: nice!! I liked that it was done just right (not too hard, not too soft) and wasn't drowned in sauce.

Truffle capellini: MUST ORDER. we ordered THREE servings lol cos hubs and I didn't wanna share 😂😂 too good already!!

Cacio e Pepe: okay I was damn full (from my second serving of the truffle pasta dish) when I ate this so I wasn't impressed. My judgement confirm biased so don't trust me on this, maybe if I ate it on an empty stomach I would have liked it better?

PH Salted Egg Yolk Wings: the salted egg yolk taste is nice!!! They weren't stingy with it, but I personally find salted egg yolk anything quite jelat after a while so I only ate one wing and didn't want a second serving..

Wok fried clams in chilli crab sauce: nice! My husband polished off the plate while I ate only two clams. Warning: they give A LOT of clams. Don't order a second serving or you won't have space for other dishes liao!!!!

Confit abalone with smoked salt: omg this was damn good and the pairing with smoked salt was just genius la!!!!!!!!! We had a second serving 😅

Steak frites: aka sliced medium rare steak with fries. If I compare it with steak frites I've had at other places, this one is really good cos of the steak, but if I contrast it with the other dishes on the buffet menu, it wasn't good enough for me to order a second round.

Signature berry ball: DAMN NICE LA I raved about this the last time I ate at Paddy Hills and was super happy to see this back on the menu!!! MUST ORDER OKAY.

Brownie: I told hubs I was only gonna eat ONE BITE for the sake of the media review but it was so good that I finished it all. Oops!

🍻 Beer milkshake: this came with the brownie and isn't a menu item on its own but THIS. THIS IS THE STAR OF THE NIGHT. THE UNEXPECTED BLA CJ HORSE.

Okay but I warn you first, it looks gross.

But you know the saying don't judge by looks right?


It was so good that I told Fiona she needs to promote the staff who invented this drink cos it's SO DAMN GOOD.

Taste wise, it uhhhh really tastes like beer + milkshake.


So damn good that I finished the whole cup. Only let my hubs drink one TINY sip to taste cos I was selfish over the drink. He didn't wanna order another brownie, so too bad! The drink is ALL MINE.

Okay last but not least was the chocolate fountain and the free flow beer, all self-serve.

I dunno what beer they used but Fiona told me it's from their own supplier and the aftertaste damn nice. My hubs likes it so much that he wants to buy it so that's really saying something- cos if you know my husband, you will know that he doesn't drink beer except fruit beer, Guiness Stout and non-alcoholic beers. Lol ikr.

The damn good 黑 rice.

Maple sausage with smoked salmon and rosti.

Clams in the background.

BERRY BALL. I loved biting into those tiny white balls and feeling the juice burst out into my mouth hehe!

The truffle. Nice!!

That big shepherd pie. Don't trust the staff when they say the serving is small. Ask them to show you the size first!!!! I felt so bad for wasting half of the pie when there's starving children in Africa eeeeeeps!


@fionasoh can u please ask Bryan to make this a permanent drink on the menu plsplspls?

Omg suntec got cruise roadshow WHY TEMPT ME. I've never been on a cruise before in my whole life cos #noob.


Very siao?!!!!!

okay now I'm stuck.

Should I watch
1. Secret
2. Familiar Wife, or
3. Yanxi Palace next?


I kinda feel like I need more of Ji Sung cos that dude's talent is of such an immense magnitude that it really is out of this world. He has so much talent in his bones!!!

Ehhhh SIAO EH I go eat supper and guess who is on the TV screen?


What show is this OMG showing on Channel U now!!

Why is he in prison again wahlau

YESSS ALL THIS IN YOUR DISCHARGE GOODIE BAG #dayrepregnancy tell me which other hospital is so good?!?

I was hoping I could get one so I could give my best friend who's pregnant hehe but it all ran out!!! The crowd was oversold?!?

My excited face while drinking BRANDS cos guess who's collaborating with them on an exclusive partnership? 😀 I legit damn happy when my agent told me they signed cos I'VE BEEN DRINKING BRANDS SINCE I WAS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!!

(I drink my BRANDS chicken essence straight out of the bottle + pour plain water into the glass bottle after that so every drop is consumed...anyone here is weird like me? 😅)

can't wait to work on the content pieces with them for the blog soon!!!

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Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

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checklistmonster (avatar)

checklistmonster Agree! Ji Sung really acted with well in it!

1 month ago

alwaysmore (avatar)

alwaysmore Wah Innocent Defender was so good! I literally just finished Voice, another crime kdrama, was totally hooked!

1 month ago

alwaysmore (avatar)

alwaysmore But my issue with Ji Sung’s character in ID was that he had what looked like constantly chapped lips. I know it’s realistic la but give that man some lip balm!

1 month ago

prisylala (avatar)

prisylala Thanks ah... 来了来了.... Got full episodes not... 你不要害我.....

1 month ago

nody_meow (avatar)

nody_meow Kill me heal me is the best & tge ost also damn good

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @prisylala GOT!!!! 没有害你!u faster go watch finish before I meet u to do eyebrows so we can fangirl together!!!!!!!!!!! 20 episodes only!

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @seasaltt ESP TOWARDS THE LAST FEW EPISODES RIGHT 😭😭😭😭

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @checklistmonster Korea's best actor!!!!! now I wanna watch all his other dramas!!

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @alwaysmore is Voice good?! HAHAH I WAS ANNOYED BY HIS DRY LIPS TOO but it was necessary for the story in ID la!!! wah the twists, I kennot

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