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WoWo Checks / Influencer Saga (Elaine Jasmine, no sex tapes here)

It's not about how much you know, but how you USE what you do know.

I've been teaching GP for close to 10 years now and honestly, it seems like more students these days expect to be spoonfed.

Recently someone asked me about my tuition availability left for this year, and whether I would be providing content notes.

☝was my reply to him.

(I do provide, but I always emphasize creating your own notes, because what works for others might not work for you)

If content notes really mattered that much, then why are students still failing? Everyone gets the same lecture notes (in JC) / textbook, but you'll always have students on all ends of the grade spectrum.

Clearly it isn't a knowledge gap issue when everyone's equipped with the same tools. It's obviously a gap in HOW you use the tools you're given.

This applies to work and life as well. Heck, even investing is the same! We retail investors get the same access to the data on a stock, but yet there are people getting rich on stock X while others get burnt ON THE SAME STOCK. It's even easier today because you don't just have online annual reports and stock exchange filings, but also financial bloggers and analysts sharing their entire investment analysis on that stock with you to read up on.

So if you really think that the way to success (in GP or anything else) is by getting the best content (notes) / knowledge, think again.

(no I didn't end up taking that student in the end. He wouldn't have benefited from my lessons anyway, since I teach skills > content most of the time.)


Thoughts on WoWo

Actually I don't really have much to add in terms of criticising the product (unlike the Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit), plus the fact that they're not openly transparent about their full ingredient list doesn't help me do my due diligence properly (laoniang doesn't want ACTIVE ingredients, I want the full damn list), but I'm just glad that people are more skeptical now since the last saga happened πŸ˜‚

But I do have two things to say about WoWo:

"WoWo is HSA approved, CE certified and SGS certified"

*proceeds to lay out all the said certifications. Now I'm no expert o I don't recognise all of them, but I'll comment on the ones I DO know*

I can't even figure out what's the proper corporate name - when I read the names on the (super blur) certs provided, it seems to say Guangzhou Cosmetics / Skincare something. But online distributors in Singapore who claim that there are fake WoWo products are saying it is Wowo Shanghai Daipu Co. Ltd.


You can read about what I wrote regarding "certifications" by HSA, SGS and CE here @sgbudgetbabe:200717

and this golden comment, please. Ah, how I love the wisdom of the Dayre community once BS has been called out.

The pics also so blur...anyway I've emailed HSA to verify the claims okay since some of you DMed me to request for it, so let's see if they'll make a public statement like they did for the whitening kit.

I'll try to do some reverse CSI to verify their CE and SGS claims later, but my eyes are already rolling.

(deleted because I don't wanna talk about single moms selling WoWo nor name and shame them. I don't even know of any single moms who sell it anyway.)

I reverse CSI the others later and update this.

Okay just finished reverse checking the 5 claimed "certifications" for WoWo and here's my findings!

1. CE / Certificate of Conformity

Can't find anything on this one either!!!!

2. SGS certification

Can't find any matching records on www.sgs.sg either ehhh if y'all can find pls link or screenshot for me and prove me wrong, tyvm.

3. GQT Cosmetics Certification

Okay I can't find nuts about this certification online nor what do they certify for exactly. The full name is apparently "GQT Cosmetics Test Report" and I assume the GB/T 29679 is the certification report number, but I can't find any sources to verify this!

Why all their certs like so dubious huh.

What I DID find though was that
- The cert is from Guangzhou
- other sellers claiming the same certification are mostly all China sellers
- mostly for permanent makeup pigment / tattoo products
- and three facial masks (Xiufumima , Shanghai Yujia Biological Tech , Qiaoyan Biotech Beijing)

4. TQCSI cert

So I tried doing a reverse search on www.tqcsi.com/certified-organisations and I can't find that claimed WoWo certificate at all. Nothing comes up under China, TA2122-QC, nor even under ISO9001:2008 (the one they claim to have gotten in the pic)

The only cosmetic company that pops up is "Santa Margarita for Cosmetics Company" where the cert states "The registration covers the wholesale and export of cosmetics and Dead Sea products" (nothing about whether they're safe or tested)!!

Erm I don't see how this is relevant to a shampoo / cosmetic product producer leh?

How on earth is this relevant you tell me


5th cert: State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.

From their website (www.english.sipo.gov.cn):

"the SIPO is the authority to receive and examine patent applications for invention, utility model and design"

Errrrrr you mean WoWo is a certified PATENT? Faye, you made it sound like the PRODUCT was the one being certified leh.

Also, about 61% of the patents filed gets approved. Doesn't sound very hard to get this "certification", wow WoWo.


The next one I wanted to talk about is the influencer saga that recently broke out. Sorry ah if you waiting for my comments on the sex tapes leak there's none (poor girls alr so jialat, let's just leave them alone) cos I'm more interested in discussing what Elaine Jasmine did instead.

Elaine Jasmine



First and foremost, I don't think she did anything MAJORLY wrong in delaying payment / refund in this case. Being busy and overseas is a legitimate enough excuse, I mean reason, and that's understandable ah. I also don't transfer money while I'm overseas cos I'm damn paranoid about signing into my bank account online via mobile + I don't bring my 2FA token with me when I go on holidays plz.

But the problem I see here is a clear lack of work ethics in failing to communicate any delays, and even ignoring her sponsor's messages?!!!!?!?

Apparently Trixie Khong isn't the only business owner who encountered this with Elaine Jasmine btw.

The other big question I have in my mind after I listened to EJ's "defence" video on her IG stories is...errr is this girl speaking the truth or LYING?

She claims she didn't respond cos she was overseas and had no Wi-Fi. Fair enough. But...

Timeline of events (Sponsor 1)

22 Feb: EJ asks to change first post to 6 March

6 March comes and goes, EJ doesn’t do the post, sponsor chases her on email + whatsapp + finally resorts to leaving a comment on her IG and ONLY THEN does EJ reply saying “it slipped her mind”

the sponsor (Trixie) didn’t show dates in her whatsapp screenshot messages with EJ but we can safely assume the MIA period was between 6 and 27th March. EJ claims she was in Bali and had no wifi at Komodo Island, which was why she didn’t reply.

let’s see when she posted on IG:

LOL got internet to post on IG but no internet to reply sponsor’s whatsapp message? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sponsor has no choice but to leave a (very nice imo) comment on April 2 on EJ's Instagram post since she's clearly ignoring them.

I dunno when was the exact dates that Elaine Jasmine claimed she had "no Wi-Fi that's why never reply" la but come on, she had no Wi-Fi but could somehow post on IG every single day in between 25 March to 6 April (her IG says she was back in SG on the 6th).

So errrrrr,

Who's lying here? Elaine Jasmine or Trixie Khong?

Elaine Jasmine claims she didn't do the advert cos the jewellery was "poor in quality" and her followers know she doesn't push products she doesn't like.

Then how come it took her MORE THAN A MONTH to communicate that to the sponsor? Only after the post went viral did she claim the product quality was inferior.

Ehhhhhh does this sound like an excuse to you ah?

Excuse or lie, I also confused.

I can't decide whether to trust EJ on the product quality being bad. EHH By Invite Only store, if you wanna send me some, I don't mind helping you check and blog about on whether it's as bad as EJ claims HAHA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ maybe we can even do a giveaway some to my readers so you get a variety of opinions also?? I promise I won't lie or go MIA or ignore your messages about when the post is going up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Here's what another biz owner chimed in with:

Timeline of events (Sponsor 2)

28 Dec: no response

2 Jan: said can post “by next weekend”

16 Jan: post is still not up, sponsor chases for update (2 months after transaction). EJ asks if she can post after CNY instead, on the pretext that she doubted people will buy fitness stuff during that period. sponsor agrees for her to post on 4th / 5th Feb.

14 Feb: post is still not up (10 days late). EJ doesn’t reply.

17 Feb: sponsor chases, EJ still doesn’t reply.

24 Feb: EJ still hasn’t replied. sponsor gives up and requests for refund.

1 Mar: sponsor asks if money has been transferred. EJ still doesn’t reply.

6, 10 & 13 Mar: sponsor chases for refund again. once again, EJ ignores message for dunno how many times in a row

16 & 17 Mar: sponsor asks EJ to reply

21 Mar: sponsor says she’ll take legal actions if EJ continues to ignore her text and still does not make the refund soon (about 1 month has passed since the request for a refund!)

22 Mar: EJ FINALLY REPLIES and says “relax, I’ll transfer you in awhile :)” (lol the audacity to put a smiley face some more)

23 Mar: sponsor says EJ “will receive a letter from the petty court” if she still doesn’t transfer. EJ FINALLY TRANSFERS within 3 hours and says “lol relax. make such a big deal over $154 lol”


Also, on 2 March 2017 she posted this photo and someone asked her where she got her top from.

See how EJ replies saying she can't remember cos it was so long ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ LOL sponsor 2 asking you to tag them cos you "forgot" and you're talking to them about the owed sponsored posts, and you CANT REMEMBER?

Even my ah ma's memory not so bad leh.

Elaine Jasmine's so-called "work ethics", that is.



This golden comment.

But EJ deleted it. Lol no wonder. And I was wondering how could all her followers be so naive and no one is smart enough to spot her BS or excuses.

原ζ₯ is she delete and block, so everyone else only sees an Instagrammer who's very much loved and supported, and who was gracious enough to "put down her own pride and defences" to apologise.

"continue being honest" lol can someone show my post to Melody and ask her what she thinks about EJ's honesty on the timeline pls πŸ˜‘

Eh last night I was chatting with another influencer who knows EJ and "genuine" was definitely NOT on the list sia. But private convos I cannot share, sorry guys if you were camping for more dirt πŸ˜‚

Day 106

Monday, 16 Apr 2018

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sophiewillocq (avatar)

sophiewillocq Yay for submitting a request to HSA to verify Wowo’s products πŸ˜‚ I thought about it but didn’t get round to it! As for Elaine, she’s a vague acquaintance & yes I agree that delaying posts/refunds are human errors that happen to all of us... But her replies to the shop owners were really surprisingly rude & condescending 😨 I’m quite shocked & didn’t expect this of her either

1 year ago

angieserameow (avatar)

angieserameow It’s understandable if she’s genuinely busy but it’s ridiculous to delay ad postings/refunds for monthsss without any notice. The least she could do was to reply and be accountable because she’s paid after all. And yes ^ her replies are really rude and uncalled for 😰

1 year ago

nickkstars (avatar)

nickkstars hmm she was the one who suggested the initial posting date though and the manager probably relied on it in terms of marketing. plus she didn't delay for 3-4 weeks (based on what I read, she was uncontactable which imo causes a lot of anxiety for the campaign owner?) and if she had reasonably known that she'd be gone for so long wouldn't have been hard for her to drop a text and all but yeh I think u r still typing oops HAHAH but was just taking a break

she also said she'd be "stepping down" as a blogger so.....

1 year ago

iluvccy (avatar)

iluvccy I had to google about what’s up with influencer saga and the scandal. No idea what’s happening. Lol..same goes for Wowo product . I am so out of touch. So thanks Dayre and you for keeping me updated ! πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls lmao at the certifications. all these are standard MANUFACTURING/OPERATINT certs, so basically if you dont have them nobody will do business with you/it will be really hard to retail them. the thing about all these MLM shillers... they are really really ignorant. they repeat stuff they've been fed and they don't even know the substance of what they are saying. i was ever tricked into attending an MLM seminar and you should hear the spiel... "we seek likeminded people" "some wont understand" "there will always be haters" lmao how does wanting to use certain products make people more likeminded to you?! πŸ˜‚ seriously. i do not know a single intelligent person who will be part of an pyramid scheme. i am not insulting anyone, just unbelievable how naive they can be.

1 year ago

joytansz (avatar)

joytansz From a marketer's pov: what she did was wrong. A lot of effort actually goes into planning just one campaign, it's not just a "post and get it done with" kind of thing. There are timelines to follow, (I.e the brand might have wanted to launch a new product with her endorsing it - I wouldn't know I don't work at that company and they so nice fit to her schedule), but I think she wasn't professional enough understand the urgency. And her "tell it all" video? Sorry ah, if you're already in the wrong you got no right to Kpkb about a brand's quality. They paid her on time and sent her jewellery for endorsement. If she didn't like the "quality", she would have immediately sent it back and transferred the money. But if she really cared about the business, she would have clarified with the owner. Who knows, maybe they accidentally sent a defected pair? But my guess is she probably forgot that she was supposed to do some Instagram posts and gave a lame excuse that the brand quality sucks just so she can earn back the trust of her readers πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

mnyeo (avatar)

mnyeo @veektoriaa!!!

1 year ago

Mintyrose (avatar)

Mintyrose Her apology post sounds more like she’s sorry for getting caught. Even mentioned that some of sellers were being over dramatic in their post to put her in a bad spotlight. What’s their purpose of doing so? So that their post can go viral on mothership and become an influencer ah? I’m sure they got better things to do like running their own business and reading newspaper. πŸ˜ͺ
But I sincerely hoped that I’ve misinterpreted her post and she is truly reflecting upon her attitude towards others. It’s super tough for these business owners to be on the chasing end of things πŸ™πŸ»

1 year ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @chattiny you inspired the ending video link!!!!!!

1 year ago

ILikeToDillyDayre (avatar)

ILikeToDillyDayre I love this post HAHAHAHA πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

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