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Review: Lactation Cookies and other foods

Having tried so many different brands of lactation foods / drinks, I thought I would spend some time reviewing them here today so hopefully other mummies can benefit!

As a low-supply mama, the effects are very obvious on me cos the stuff consumed can increase my yield by 30% by the next pump.

I'll review based on appearance, taste, and effectiveness.

But first, some points to note:

1. Every body is different. What works (or doesn't work) for mine may not be the same case for you.

2. Some of the items were sponsored whereas I paid for the rest myself. I will put a disclaimer under each brand so there's full disclosure.

[can't find my photos of Milking Cow and Shan's Lactation urghhhh but will retake for Milking Cow soon cos I'm ordering again next month!]



Singapore Lactation Bakes

Products: cookies, cookie cups, muffins, brownies

Appearance: 4/5

Taste: 3/5 for cookies
- they use healthier ingredients and more coconut oil than sugar/butter in their recipes, so the taste might take some getting used to. I'm hooked though!
- very generous chocolate chips, cranberries and nuts

5/5 for lactation brownies
- super yummy brownies that's not overly sweet!

3/5 for muffins
- moist upon delivery but can become a little dry if you leave in the fridge

Effectiveness: 5/5
Undoubtedly, SLB has the highest effectiveness. While I was consistently eating it, I could yield 30% more during the day, and twice as much during the night's power pump. A few other mummies I know swear by it too - one TMC mummy ate 3 pieces and became engorged after cos it really boosted her milk like crazy!

🔥 Disclosure: I was sponsored three months worth of supply by them, and three of my friends (not working in or for SLB) gifted me several packets as well, including the sweetest @fionasoh

😋 What I would repurchase: their cookies and brownies! While I love the cookie cups most, I find them a little too pricey for my budget and would rather spend it on the cookies instead. For the brownies, it's quite a big chunk per piece so I typically cut it up into 4 smaller pieces so that makes 4 servings heh.


Happy Mama Oats

Products: Lactation smoothies, teas and oats

Appearance: 2/5

4/5 for the smoothies
3/5 for the lactation home brewed tea
2/5 for the oats

Effectiveness: 3/5

🔥 Disclosure: I was sponsored 1 set to try and review.

😋 What I would repurchase: the lactation smoothies for sure! Not the oat packs, cos I have the ingredients to just pour and my own, but their smoothies are so unbelievably yummy (I love the texture) and helped me to yield about 20% more the next pump.



Products: cookies

Appearance: 2/5

Taste: I hated the taste cos it was dry and almost tasteless to me. Personally felt it had the worst taste out of all the brands! I was just eating it for the sake of finishing the packet to not waste food / my friend's money.

Effectiveness: 1/5 cos it did absolutely nothing for me. My yield only went up when I ate this together with SLB cookies lol whut

🔥 Disclosure: #notsponsored but my best friend gifted this to me for Christmas

😋 would not repurchase at all.

Milking Cow

Products: overnight lactation oats, cookies and fruit smoothies

Appearance: very gorgeous packaging and due to its bright colours, looks very appealing to consume!

4/5 for lactation oats
I tried making my own but couldn't make it anywhere as yummy as theirs, but I don't know what their secret ingredient is!!

3/5 for cookies
The cookies are quite big and filling. 1 piece is enough lol.

5/5 for fruit smoothies
My fav are their avocado ones!

Effectiveness: 4/5

🔥 Disclosure: was sponsored one set of oats and smoothies which arrived on the exact day I gave birth LOL so I didn't get to eat it in the end due to the confinement ban on cold foods and mangoes. Gave them to my family in the end. So I bought another batch with my own money to do a proper review! This time #notsponsored

😋 I would repurchase: their lactation oats and smoothies, again and again! Really super yummy. I kept trying to make it myself but it doesn't taste nowhere as good!

Tried more flavours this time, it being my third order from milking cow!

Verdict: not a fan of the mango smoothie. Strawberry was not bad, but avocado is still the best tasting! Having said that, I brought the mango and strawberry bottles and they gave me crazy increased yield during my Batam holiday, and I pumped 90ml FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

(caveat : might have also been cos I was on holiday = good mood = more milk. Who knows?)



Products: lactation cookies, granola

Appearance: 3/5

3/5 for cookies
If you like big crunchy cookies that are crunchy on the outside, then you might like these. Personally I prefer thinner and more crispy cookies so I deducted 1 point due to my preference haha.

4/5 for granola
The chocolate granola was quite yummy but not filling enough for my usual breakfast I feel.

Effectiveness: 2/5 cos it didn't really work for me :(

🔥 Disclosure: I was sponsored one of their Rojak Set to try.

😋 I would repurchase: the granola.


BigBigMummy Brownies

Products: soft fudgey brownies

Appearance: 3/5

Taste: 5/5
You know when they say never judge a book by a cover? Well, never judge a brownie by how it looks! This one looks super unassuming but one bite and I was in heaven. Totally loved it! I put mine in the fridge to eat it chilled and it gives a melt-in-the-mouth effect that way.

Effectiveness: 5/5
These are super potent omg. Some mummies get engorged with just 1 piece, but my magic number was 3 pieces.

My power pump the night before this was 20ml, and the night after when I took these brownies it went up to 60ml, so that's like a three-fold increase?!? Power!

🔥 Disclosure: I was sponsored a box to try as the owner is a regular reader of mine, and has been very encouraging too.

😋 I would repurchase: the brownies for sure! Super fudgey I really love the texture.

IG: @sslseow



Products: cookies, cookie dough, lactation macarons, lactation bars

Appearance: 5/5
Look at how pretty these are, and the packaging! Totally perfect for a gift if pretty stuff like these make your new mummy friends happy :)

4/5 for marcarons
3/5 for cookies
4/5 for cookie dough
Didn't try lactation bars

Effectiveness: 3/5
I didn't really see much effect although my boobs felt a little fuller than usual. But I was super happy eating them for sure, haha.

#notsponsored #paidwithmyownmoney

😋 I would repurchase: for a friend, but not for myself. Really super pretty lah!!!

Lost my cookie photo cos I rebooted my phone during my period and some photos got lost, unfortunately. I ordered their lavender Earl grey and nutty pistachio cookies!

Shan's Lactation Cookies

Product: cookies and cake

Appearance: 3/5

Taste: 4/5 for cookies
These square cookies are quite thick too and have a stronger buttery taste than any of the other lactation cookie brands I've tried! Easily addictive so must control lol.
I didn't try their cakes.

Effectiveness: 3/5
Didn't really notice much change in my yield although my boobs did feel fuller.

#notsponsored #paidwithmyownmoney

😋 I would repurchase: only if I want butter cookies, otherwise, I'll prefer to go for SLB cookies instead


The Fussy Patissieres

(EHHHH so many campers?!? Okay I'll try to finish this post asap but brb I need to go run first 😅)

Product: cookies and brownies

Appearance: 4.5/5

5/5 for cookies, I LOVE their Earl grey and matcha sesame flavours!!!
3/5 for brownies, more suitable if you're a fan of thin and soft brownies.

Effectiveness: 3.5/5
Helped my yield by about 20% most days, provided I eat 4 to 5 cookies in one sitting.

🔥 Disclaimer: I was sponsored two tubs of cookies and one box of brownies to try. Bought another 3 tubs from them thereafter #paidwithmyownmoney cos I missed the Earl grey flavour so much!!!

😋 I would repurchase: the Earl grey and matcha sesame cookies. Enough said.


Legendairy Supplements

Bought this entire set with my own money, #notsponsored

I've finished

Cash Cow: supposed to help thicken milk. It did thicken mine, but didn't increase yield. I took this with lecithin but still got blocked ducts cos the fatty milk couldn't come out, and it hurt like a beetch! Buyer beware if you're gonna try this cos make sure you do not skip any pumps and take lecithin or else...be prepared for potential blockages!

Liquid Gold: supposed to increase yield, but did absolutely nothing for me.

Am on Day 2 of Pump Princess now and have yet to try Milkapalooza, so I'll update this post again in the near future once I'm done with them!

(Sidenote: these supplements are so expensive though omg I really heart pain when I paid for these. And each bottle lasts for only 10 days (60 tabs). You can easily buy enough formula milk tins to last a month or more with the same amount sia!!!!!)


And, as per my usual style, I've asked those who have sponsored before if they could extend a promo code to you readers lest any of you wanna try it out for yourself too.

I don't get any money from sharing this k!!

🍼 HappyMamaOats.sg : sgbudgetbabe for 10% off

🍼 The Fussy Patisserie: BudgetBabe15 for 15% off

🍼 Milking Cow: SGBUDGETBABE10 for 10% off

(updated April 2019)

Legendairy Pump Princess did absolutely nothing for me. Sigh. One last bottle to test.


Also got to try a new brand, Gooberr! These cookies are very savoury and my favourite flavour from them is most definitely the Earl Grey chocolate which is surprisingly fragrant!

Products: organic lactation tea, lactation cookies

Appearance: 4/5

Taste: 4.5/5
I love strawberries but liked it least out of their 3 flavours. Earl grey was my fav.

Effectiveness: 4/5
30ml without, 40ml with 10 cookies. Instructions are to eat 8 cookies. I tried 6 and 8 in separate sessions and had no effect till I upped consumption to 10 cookies. Each cookie is bite-sized!

Disclosure: I was sent this review pack to try.

Close up of their cookies

😋 I would repurchase the lactation tea (tea lovers will love these! No effect on my breastmilk though, but then again no nursing teas have worked for me) and Earl grey chocolate cookies.

All the oats were super yummy as usual. Each time I finish them I always think to myself, k I'm gonna make my own so I don't have to buy anymore...but I can't seem to replicate the taste and texture no matter how many times I try! My fellow Nov mummies also were unsuccessful lol.

Tried the new flavours by HappyMamaOats and I quite like the revamped recipe! The Brewer's Yeast taste isn't as strong anymore. Loved the Milo flavour, although the coconut remains my top pick haha (and the coconut red dates). Wasn't a fan of the Horlicks though.

Day 76

Sunday, 17 Mar 2019

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prisylala (avatar)

prisylala I love SLB too... 😋😋😋

2 months ago

feltanxoxo (avatar)

feltanxoxo Hello! Thanks for reviewing. I guess many mummies needed genuine reviews. I've personally tried some of the lactation products too so I hope you don't mind me using your post to share my honest review too.

SLB - 4/5. It did helped me in my yield but I got to agree with you that it is quite pricey. Haha it increased my yield about 40%. But not pocket friendly for me. Only during their promotions or baby fair then more worth it to buy. But I love their cookies a lot!

Happy mama oats - 4/5. I have tried their lactation kit and I think they have changed their smoothies recipe which apparently is more well loved by mummies now according to the reviews. I didn't try their old recipe before but the new one and I love the milo choco! I also agree with you that the oatmeal pack we can easily do it ourselves. Their products (smoothies and tea) increased my yield by around 30% on the same day I consumed.

Milkingcow - 3.5/5. I agree that the overnight oats are yummy, but the smoothies are quite diluted and sweet imo. I have several friends who tried too and have the same feedback. It didn't helped me much, about 10%. For the cookies, it is huge but too sweet for my liking, definitely prefer slb over theirs. But 3.5 for the yummy overnight oats!

Bigbigmummy - 4/5. Same feeling as you! Their brownies are mind blowingly good. I love it too and my yield increased about 40% the next pump. Will be ordering from them again. 😋

For the rest I have not try! Waiting for your reviews. I believe you'll only share honest reviews unlike other many mummies influencers who gets sponsored to write only good reviews. Thanks for sharing once again and thanks for being real. 😍

2 months ago

rongzc (avatar)

rongzc Thanks for the review 😄 did not know still got so many other lactation cookies vendor out there

2 months ago

weeshan (avatar)

weeshan Thanks for the reviews! 😁 haven't tried any lactation bakes yet, cause I don't really snack. But I may give SLB a try! 😆

2 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @feltanxoxo thank you for chipping in! looks like we're on the same page haha. if u like tasty cookies can try the fussy patisserie Earl grey cookies! really v yummy

2 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @rongzc haha I low supply mummy, going all out to try everything lol

2 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @weeshan can try! but unfortunately I don't have a promo code for theirs!

2 months ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe @prisylala heh helped ur milk also right!

2 months ago

charlenez (avatar)

charlenez bigbigmummy is my favourite too!! super yummy I love her brownies! but I scare fat so I didn't continue. Got sponsored one box n I love it so much I bought another 3 boxes after that. She is v nice too!

2 months ago

sslseow (avatar)

sslseow Bigbigmummy here -- wont fatten as much as other bakes la HAHAHA!

2 months ago

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