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December 2018

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Best of 2018

This pic cracks me up cos it reminds me of those childhood montages shown at weddings or δΈ€θ§ι’Ÿζƒ… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Baby Nate and Baby C during tummy time yesterday! I was hoping baby Nate would get inspired at seeing this jiejie being so strong and able to push herself up and all...but he just plonked there and used eye power to see only LOL.

This year has been incredibly hard - physically, mentally and even emotionally - but I thank God for helping me to walk out of it stronger.So on this second last day of the year, instead of harping on the bad, I choose to give thanks for the good.


And just like that, another 12 months have passed us by and we'll soon be walking into 2019.What a year! I've learnt and grown so, so much.I've learnt that we are more than we believe. I've learnt that a community together can do great things, even if outside forces are bent on shutting it down.I've learnt that nothing is impossible.I've learnt a lot about empathy.I've been taught the concept of casual racism.I've seen blatant discrimination.But I've also seen beauty in defence.

What caring for a newborn is like

This is motherhood. Living in three hourly intervals.Day and night hardly makes a difference except that the sun is now out.Your life is no longer yours.You no longer live by the clock. Instead, your baby dictates time for you.

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I used to be so slim, but now I officially hate the body I see in the mirror.Elephant thighs and huge arms that won't even fit into my second trimester pregnancy outfits anymore.

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