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December 2018

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Took out my pregnancy test kit for one last photo before we ditch it!Isn't it amazing how two lines confirming a pregnancy eventually becomes a fully grown baby? I'm still in awe at how this baby boy here actually grew inside me and came out of me.

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Breastmilk is NOT free

The next time someone tells you to breastfeed because it's free (or cheaper) than formula milk, slap them.I kid (or maybe not).


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Motherhood Day 26 : Stitches no longer hurt!

I'm learning how to lift my head up and crawl now!

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Motherhood Day 24 : Roomed with baby for the first time

Hi! It was my first time rooming in with mama and papa last night!I started their night by...CRYING INCESSANTLY AND NOT SLEEPING!Mama asked me this morning why I gave papa such a hard time last night.don't blame me please, I'm just not used to it! I've been sleeping with nanny and the fan since I came home and now you've suddenly put me in an aircon room.Whenever I cry, it is nanny's smell and voice I hear, but now I sense someone different.

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