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September 2018

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2 more roster to go. 係时候講bye bye啦Let me push through this few months

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Walking pass first class, this passenger seated at first class-1F look at me, looking surprised and excited. So I thought if I could render any assistance. Me: Is there anything I can assist you, Sir?1F: I saw you on the screen!Me: I'm afraid that's not me.1F: its you! I'm sure it's youMe: uhhh, not me sir. (Aiya, all Chinese girls look the same to angmoh anyway, especially when we're in our uniform)

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Bought this cuz someone recommended it.I guess it true, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

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Korea station unlocked together💕! Here's our City Starbucks mug from Seoul and Jeju

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This mayak gimbap lady is so cute! 🖤🖤🖤 she uses her hand to feed Weeliem and I each a gimbap just like in the picture she fed Gordon Ramsay.

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