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I wonder if people will get tired of seeing new updates in Dayre for Peitie Claris.

I don’t want my dayre updates to be around the products I am bringing in. I guess if people are keen in the stuff I bring in, they would already have followed me in IG or FB.

So I guess, I will not post much here. Maybe once in a while ba .... πŸ˜…

Too nice not to share .... 🀣🀣🀣

So here i post a few.

#dayremummies #dayrebabies #buybuybuy

In silver as well.

No more stock from supplier so this will be the one and only batch I bring in for this design.

Very soft insoles and pretty colours.

Those who have bought the owl shoes and the white heart shape will know how comfortable these shoes are.

So if you like them, please visit at Petite.Claris

Do help me to share with your friends. Kam sia ~~~ πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Hair accessories organizer.

Available in 2 colours.

Spent the afternoon at Singapore National Musuem with @raisingfaith to learn about the evolution of packaging and also recycling.

Can you feel and tell what is inside?

Touching different types of packaging

Glass bottles .... so nostalgic

Two little ones coloring

Aunty Lynn teaching them blending .... πŸ‘

Learning about recycling. Sorting out the materials.

These two were so fascinated by this moving picture of a kampong.

Saw so many of my childhood memories 😍😍😍

These two .... When they are together they can’t stop bickering ... when we are parting, εˆιšΎεˆ†ιšΎθˆ


Trying to get them to do jump shots!

These days, Claris finds every opportunity to jump ... from higher to lower ground.

Really buay kia see.... πŸ˜…

Day 115

Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

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