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Where are we this morning?

Bukit Timah hill. I wanted to bring Claris here since she can walk and we finally did it today.

We used to come almost every weekend when we were pat-tor-ing. So it’s more than 10 years since we came.

Started with the regular route uphill. Hopefully one day we can do the more “difficult” terrain.

We took a long time to reach the top becos every 2 steps we must stop to check something, pick a leaf, a stick or watch some bugs ....

Last leg of the climb. She decided she wants to do the stairs instead of the path.

This flight of stairs is very tough and I am glad she did it without complaints.

By the time we reached the top, Claris was wet with sweat from head to toe.

See how steep the stairs are

When she reached the top, she says she has to write something on the ground.

是 ”到此一游吗”? 🤣🤣🤣

Then we spotted a monkey

And it’s family.... it’s not clear in the photos but there are few monkeys sitting in the tree behind including a couple of babies.

Must take a photo for remembrance - first hill climb.

The sun is so sunny we can’t open our eyes.

And you see Claris is soaking in sweat.

A good workout!!

She saw some people walking backwards going downhill. After I explained why, she wanted to do it too.

But at that speed, I think it will take us 2 hours to reach the foot of the hill 😂😂

Saw many of these winged seeds on the ground but I don’t know what it is.

I don’t think it’s angsana becos I think angsana seeds are smaller.

Anyone know?

Claris wanted to find saga seeds and I wanted to find rubber tree seeds but we can’t find any.

Saw this interesting plant that had its stem and leaves curled up.

Used the app “plant snap” and found out it’s crepe ginger.

For anyone who is interested, you can download the app “plant snap”.

Take a photo of the plant and it’s helps you to identify the plant name. Not bad. So far I managed to find quite a few plants already

After a short break, we continued to hindhede nature walk just next to the visitor center to this ..... singapore quarry.

It’s so peaceful here, I feel I had to whisper. 😅😅

Claris exclaimed “it’s so beautiful here!”

Look at the serenity of the water and the reflections. Lovely.

The water is so clear, we can see terrapins, fishes and branches. We even spotted a monitor lizard.

While taking our break, saw this lady 打太极. Very nice!

Then to the children’s playground

She saw the sand and immediately wanted to take off her shoes to walk ... 😅

After the walk, she told me

“Mama, I like hiking”

👩🏻: that’s good! There are so many things to see right
👧🏻: yes. It’s so fun
👩🏻: ok, we arrange to come again
👧🏻: but I also like Jurong Bird Park very much


But I think she really enjoyed the walk. She didn’t whine or ask to carry or complain. And she was self entertaining throughout the walk.


We came habitat for brunch. Luckily we reached about 10.45am. About 20mins later the place was swarmed with people and everyone was waiting for a seat.

Good to see her eat so heartily. Before this, she had almost a bunch of grapes and 4 biscuits.

A sweet ending to our meal.

Actually it’s not so sweet. Very light and fluffy.

Love spending this kind of outdoor time with the family. Rare but memorable.

Hmmmm.... Claris left foot is swollen. We saw this when she was wearing her shoes this morning before we left home.

Seems like a bite from an insect. Likely at the bird park yesterday

I should have let her wear covered shoes but I tot it will be cooler in sandals.

Sigh..... last round to the zoo it was her cheek, this time is her foot.

Why like that??

Day 109

Friday, 19 Apr 2019

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iseesu (avatar)

iseesu I was at habitat too!! Don understand the hype of the place though

1 month ago

serina (avatar)

serina @iseesu I agree! I feel so stressed eating becos so many people were standing around us waiting for our seats 😫

1 month ago

iseesu (avatar)

iseesu Yar man. I was there about 11ish, just when the crowd came in. Was my first time there and I feel so lost. Haha. Food is actually not bad, but I can't imagine eating there if I'm alone w kids.

1 month ago

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