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I was sending Claris to school. While waiting for the school bus, she asked

“Mama, why are you wearing your running t-shirt?

👩🏻 (asshole mom mode on): becos I need to run away from you
👧🏻: why?
👩🏻: becos you are naughty
👧🏻: where are you running to?
👩🏻: it’s a secret
👧🏻: mama, I also have a secret. Come, I tell in your ear

Put my ear to her mouth and she whispers

“Mama, my secret is I love you. I love you very very much. Please don’t run away from me”


Serves me right for....

Update from Petite.Claris

Floral printed cotton dress.

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We went to the bird park today.

Currently they have a promotion. Pay a day pass and you get 1 year membership

It seems this promo has been ongoing for a while. Am I the only one still unaware?!? 😂

Feeding the pelicans.

Amazing birds ...

Bought some worms for the little ones to feed but both of them were too scared to hold the worms.

A Starling ... beautiful shiny feathers.

A stork at close range

I wanted to touch it but on second thoughts I withdrew my hand. I look at the bill and worry about my hand. 😂😂

These two were really happy!

Even though it was quite cloudy today, we still sweat buckets! Look at how rosy their cheeks are. 😍😍😍

Day 108

Thursday, 18 Apr 2019

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geekpaws (avatar)

geekpaws Awww... her response is so sweet.

1 month ago

ashlynec (avatar)

ashlynec That's so sweet of her!

1 month ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith Awwwwwww.... heart melts...

1 month ago

sunshinexuan (avatar)

sunshinexuan Her secret is so so sweet 😍😍 please run back to Claris, mama!

1 month ago

serina (avatar)

serina @geekpaws @ashlynec @raisingfaith I feel so terrible when she told me her secret .... 🤣🤣

1 month ago

serina (avatar)

serina @sunshinexuan ya... how to run away from this sweetie 😍

1 month ago

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