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This morning while dressing Claris, she lovingly kissed my head.

I was savoring that moment when she suddenly said “I am kissing weeds”


Another #哭笑不得 moment


Cannot find “pull my socks” sticker so this will do ... 😅

We have not been doing much home learning these days. It’s so tough to find windows of time to do it. Not becos I am busy but rather Claris doesn’t have the time.

Either we are out or she doesn’t have the mood or it’s just not the right amount of time ....

How ah like that?

With the issues of uploading photos these days, I wonder how many users Dayre is going to lose by the time they migrate to the new system.

Why can’t they just migrate and work on the problems after migrating? If they are worried about the incomplete system for the subscription they charge, then don’t charge until they have introduce all the new features.

This buy them time, gives the users a test of the new system and later justify the price they charge.

Just my thoughts...

She saw me taking photos of her cousin and she wanted me to take her photo too.

又要拍又要不好意思 .... 😂😂

So happy ... 😍😍😍

We had our swimming class yesterday. 5mins after they went into the pool, the lightning alert triggered and all water activities have to stop.

So their coach did land drills.

She spilled some beans and she said she wanted to clean it up.

I guess all the training in school is useful. Hahaha!

As she sweeps she was saying “我要自己扫。 自己的事情自己做。我做得很好。我真聪明”


Day 120

Tuesday, 30 Apr 2019

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chubbyun (avatar)

chubbyun Your girl has a very beautiful smile that is filled with happiness! Yup, once Dayre starts to charge, I will not be able to read the posts of many nice people here. Wish you all all the best and many blessings!

3 months ago

serina (avatar)

serina @chubbyun thank you! 😊. It’s so sad right... going to miss reading the posts we followed over this platform. I know there are other social media but for me, I don’t share the same kind of thoughts there compared to other platforms. 😭

3 months ago

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