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I am so tired yesterday .... and today too.

And such a cloudy day I don’t feel like doing anything.

I just want to snuggle in bed with a book and read but .....

Visited Bee Amazed yesterday with a few dayre mommies @raisingfaith @daysofourlives @carolife and it was quite an experience for the kids.

Here the kids were looking at a millipede... in awe and in fear ... hahaha!

Spotted a bee busy working.

John our beekeeper who is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information on bees and plants with us.

The worker bees guarding the entrance to the hive.

Aerith joined us for the visit too

Her fav time of the visit ... tasting all the honey.

John getting them to do some bee actions and pretending to be guard bees, etc

This part was quite fun for the kids.

I was so happy to capture this becos I thought I caught another bee in action.

Then I realized the bee doesn’t move at all ... becos it’s dead. Sianzzzz 🤣🤣🤣

After our lunch we went to the tortoise museum and the little ones get to feed the tortoise

Hello tortoise do you want to eat?

I am so worried she got bitten by the tortoise. Even though they look so calm and slow, accidents can still happen.

Saw a young girl (about 3yo) crying so badly and her dad was washing her finger with water. She got snapped by the tortoise. Luckily it’s not the snapping turtle. Otherwise the finger would be gone. So scary! 😰

We rushed home to let Claris have her nap becos we had to meet up with my ex boss who stopped in Singapore enroute back to Switzerland

I am so happy to see her again. Since I left the company 6 years ago, we have seen each other twice and I really treasure these moments.

I am so glad that she remembers me and always make the time to see me.

This time she was on a holiday with her family and she still take the time to meet up.

Always feeling so blessed to have friends like her.

She keeps inviting us to visit her in Switzerland and stay at her place ...

So tempted .... 😅😅😅

Day 118

Sunday, 28 Apr 2019

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