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July 2019

Been stuffing my face with so much food as I count down to baby arriving. Due date is coming up in just a few days - I did a stretch and sweep yesterday - doesn’t look like it will do anything - my obs recommended an induction on my due date but I feel like private obstetrician lean towards being interventionist and id like to give bub a chance to come on her own ( as long as it’s medically safe). So might book in a couple days after and see how we go. Last he checked my cervix, I needed a

Entering 39 weeks and starting to feel the fatigue again. I had super duper low iron levels and got an iron infusion not too long ago which help. I’m starting to feel the same way again though. My obs didn’t do a retest after the infusion which I though let could be good just for peace of mind but he was pretty sure it would be okay.Wondering if I should just ask for a referral just to make sure with the birth coming up so soon

June 2019

#dayremums - any tips for how to make it easier for the older child when bringing home the second one?I am very ill prepared ( as usual) for Isla’s potential reaction and probably haven’t thought it through while focusing on day to day.Any insight would be fantastic!

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I go on mat leave this Friday and I can’t wait. I will be almost 38 weeks - have a final student confirmation to attend next Wed ( couldn’t fit it in before I head in leave and then I’ll just start to hopefully prep for baby arriving.I don’t have anything done - eek so leaving it pretty much close to the end.Lots of washing to do, the bassinet needs building etc and the hospital bag needs packing but I think post that everything we should have already.Also booked in for a massage because I’ve

Week 36 already! Excited and stressed at the same time.Can’t wait to meet the little one and see how Isla copes.

May 2019

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