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Colourful and Loud

March 2019

Been having a really tough time at work but Im trying to get back passion i had for events to get me going again.Also really need to control my goddamn emotions. Keep getting into tiffs with the bubs and over nothing. Im so glad that he is so understanding and loving, we all good now. Hahahas.

Is it me or is there something wrong with Dayre again?

Yay! Made reservations at a place where we might potentially have our wedding lunch! Gonna try the food first, considering the place cause I saw some pictures and I reqlly fell in love with the place. Can fit 120pax indoors and i think its a very cosy and intimate place! I think pictures will look great!

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The day has been set😭27 May the bubs is flying off for 6 months. Hopefully he gets to come back for a weekend if not I will fly over to meet him if possible. I am deciding if i should hire a personal while the bubs is gone so once he comes home we more or less can kick off our wedding plans. We both decided to get married next year when he comes home from Brunei, God help me get through this 6 months. I guess most likely I will be the one doing most of the planning cause bubs wont be here

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Wanna go watch Captain Marvel hahahs. Waiting for the bubs text to see if I should book for today or tmr!!!!Going for dinner with the bubs later tonight. Just happy and excited to see him cause i miss him so much. Hahahs. Overly attached and needy girlfriend!

My Wonderful Man

I met the bubs after my work yesterday and broke down and started crying all over him. Hahahas. I was so stressed up and all that pent up anger, sadness and just stress was really crazy. He was so patient just sitting in the car listening to me talk to him and he was wiping my tears away while caressing my head and giving me long, warm and comforting hugs. I was drowned by his love and patience for me and that moment I realised so much more that he is my life and i was so afraid to lose him.

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