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updated 2 years ago

3D2N Johor

Holiday in Johor Mount Austin

Too much food choices, rows and rows of cafe and restaurant. Korean Japanese. But we thought price is mid to high end.

After 3hours jam at Woodland, we were starving. Bak Ku Teh bfast yeah ! Hwa Mei 花美our favorite bkt stall👍

Prince 33, the red hotel. F&b and Waterpark is within walking distance.

Checkin. Kids started jumping on bed walao! They keep hogging the Internet stations😅


Dim Sum breakfast a mere 3km away, Gim Cheng 锦 成.Love all the tasty snacks 👍🤗

More milo, cheesecake and toast please, and Kopi for adults.

Desserts😍 coffee, cakes, waffles and ice milo. Our ideal lepak (relax) holiday.

Chicken chop at Hua Mui(original is in JB downtown). Shopname is similar to BKT mentioned earlier.

Dinner fish head at Restoran KKIT. Normal zhichar 煮炒,highlight is the steam fish. It cost m170 but business is good.

Korean BBQ Gogigo, free flow pork and chicken, Bbq until shiok 😋

Adventure Park, consists of Waterpark, IceSkating, Drift Obstacles etc one stop family entertainment.

Wave pool is ours, not many people here

New slides for all, kids tried everything. The most 'scary' would be YellowWall!

Zoom up 60degrees slope, and roll backwards 😅 Fast & furious, all the kids were so adventurous.

Girls are happy, they found a free porter to cart the float🏄 up 3 floors😵

Day 87

Sunday, 27 Mar 2016

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diamondaries (avatar)

diamondaries wow!! looks fun! somehow I think kids are more daring than adults at times. Haha.

2 years ago

sengkangbabies (avatar)

sengkangbabies ILR @wfenzz! I did not dare to ride roller coaster before the kids 😵trained by them

2 years ago

diamondaries (avatar)

diamondaries Haha!! at least you get trained !! till now, I always push my hub to take the rides with them. I'll just stand and watch. lol!!

2 years ago

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