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I am a rambling machine.

April 2019

Dreamt that I had a wedding party prior to the actual day, inviting most in for the party as well. Weird party was at my mum's place and we had relatives and friends over.Fast forward to actual day, I woke up at 7plus to see no one preparing for the day because I overslept. 😭😭 And the make up artist didn't come over as I forgot to remind her nor send her my address.Sotttt liao

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Few more weeks to wedding and I am getting the jitters omgSo excited esp for the staycation after that hahahhaAnd wearing my gown 😍😍Hopefully I don't get belly fats meanwhileAnd minimal breakouts pls 🙏🙏

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Everyday decision whether to eat or skip lunch just to complete my expt quickly 😵😵

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