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pls dont take me seriously 🌈

July 2019

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wah!!!! its been a wHILE thought i wldnt be able to have access to anything on here anymorewas trying my luck but to my surprise dayre 2.0 is not in place yet!!!! hows everyone? :-) i hope yall have been well 🌸🌸🌸 *genuinely asking. i WANT TO KNOW*

April 2019

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even my lotus soup is showing me love!!!!! im taking this time to release i’m thankful for the opportunities cmg my way and my supa nice clients 😭❤️ despite that, i accept that all these are fleeting and external. my work schedule doesnt define me🙏🏻 a little scared of 1. staying up late2. not exercising idky i cant seem to function without the extra endorphins nowadays. i literally need exercise to put myself in a good mood. i’m too tired to try making myself happy otherwise

夜深人静but this 人is 感触多多 😩😩😩😩 这几天真的是想太多exercising did distract me for a while. i was so happy to be back. i rmb thinking i didnt mind paying more a month to exercise at a good gym. shox shox bc i m a lazy cheapskatehaiya but 谁知道 my heart and mind are still so weak why am i so emotional ah this month T_T stop emoing!!!!!!!! v happy i’m practicing to be more present recentlyi’m grateful fr being fully present during my quiet alone time!

i’m losing control and i mfking hate it i thought this feeling wont come back i thought i found the root of the problem and now i dont think i can handle this by myself nor by reading countless self help books lol越陷越深已走到了今天这个地步 我开始求救的时刻 我觉得我也是真的累了

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hello wello! it’s yo gal.......... 👼🏻 sorry i havent been on here a lot. my mind is subconsciously getting ready fr the moveout when dayre 2.0 comesit’s april. i love love love dayre. i love the community. i loved the way it was structured that allowed for us to all come tgt. i loved all the friends i made from dayre. i love all the drama too kekeke even tho most of the times idg what was gg on HAHAHbut sadly, i know it wont be the same after 2.0

if you truly love someone, instead of telling them to do what you think they should do, listen to what they want to tell you.

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