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March 2018

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This has mildly taken over my life I must say. Really loved tamagotchi as a kid. It's nice to have something rely on you when you were 10. Mine was really special I think my aunty got it from Japan for me or something because I've never seen anything like it. I have three pets now.

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☺️☺️☺️So lovely; the mundane things in life

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Today is the worst and most stressful day. I know it's only going to get better from here but I can't help but feel bad for putting myself through this. Do I want to do this next year?

Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow was traumatising. I think there were too much violence and sex scenes. Plot was too messy. They were trying to achieve the you-cant-trust-anyone plot with plot twists. For me, instead of getting me all intrigued and shocked, I was annoyed with it. Maybe because I had to do some work on my time off too. I 'tsk'ed so loudly in the cinema LOL. Jennifer Lawrance's acting was so good though. That Russian accent. She is pretty with bangs too.

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Wet Marketing

Went to grocery shopping at the wet market today.

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Stayed until now to prepare for my 4th training tomorrow and I am so excited! Being prepared is such a nice feeling. I hope my work aims for this year are going well! Expectations are higher but I'm getting better. I love working with youths.

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