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I dayre during my bus rides

August 2017

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Talking about how life has taken over our dreams and slotted us into this mundane cycle of responsibility, money and crushed goals. Deep talks w Eunice 😊

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I hate having to deal with the emotions that comes around when people leave me. Especially at work when I see them more than I see my own family. This time, it hurt a lot worse. I don't know if it's gonna keep hurting and I don't know how much more pieces of me I can give.

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Starting to get back into the phase where I don't want people to read about my life on social media anymore 🀣 Felt so powered for the comeback but my life just feels a little lackluster and I don't wna take pictures for the sake of posting. AM I REACHING THIS ZEN STAGE THAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO REACH??? My hot yoga place suddenly called everything off and I'm left with nothing else πŸ˜• I NEED BIKRAM YOGA IN MY LIFE.

Ok my daily bus ride, there would be this Aunty. A lot of people give her weird stares because she likes to work out while waiting for the bus and ON it. First few times, I would feel a little apprehensive when she sits with me. Then I got to the stage of admiring her. SHE MUST BE DAMN FIT. Everyday leh!!! I have this 10 mins abs workout routine which I can't even be bothered. I saw her again today and she had a shaved head. Hair for hope??? ☺️

July 2017

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KENNY CAME TO SURPRISE ME IN THE MORNING 😍 Only messaged him when I left the house to go to work. He sent "I'm HERE!"I just oh he is here on the phone with me so I just "hello" and continued the convo LOL. He sent again,"IM HERE." Then I heard rapid honking.

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Life got back into this mundane period. Don't think I have time to do my bullet journal when I get back.

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