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Alcohol lovin' wallflower 🌻 IG @smainey

September 2017

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Selling Hera UV mist cushion!

Girlssss I'm letting go of my Hera UV mist cushion in N21. I opened up recently to use (once only I swear!) but I think it's not suitable for my skin.

Airhead. (Noun) a stupid person; there is air where brains should be.Yes, that's what my friends used to call me when I was flying. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all offended or wtv. In fact, I used to agree with them and laugh along. But really, do crew use our brains at work? Or is it just coffee, tea or me? Let's analyse from the post I'm about to make. But all these are just from my own perspective. Please read it with a light heart. If not, feel free to close this page.

August 2017

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Moscow, Russia 🇷🇺

Howdy all!I must apologise for not updating this space for a longgggg time. Gahhh I'm sucha lazy bugger. But truth to be told, once in awhile when I think of some worthy content I have the urge to dayre again. Like today! There's so much going on with my life now but I'll leave the updates for another time. So like every morning once I get up, Instagram is the first thing I do. *i don't even rub my eyes first* 😆

June 2017

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Out shopping for furniture today! Went to a ulu pandan mall that made us feel like we were at Batam! 😅 On a side note, anyone has any recommendations on where to do blinds? 🤔#dayrehomes

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cabin crew, doors to disarm ✈️

Welcome to Singapore ladies and gentlemen and to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, a warm welcome home.

April 2017

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“And I still wonder, how someone can feel so lonely while loving and being loved.”

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